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What is Azhagi?
Features summary
Getting Started
What is Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus)?
Opening Document
'English to Indian languages' key mappings
'English to Tamil' key mappings
How to type in Tamil (Hindi, etc.) in any application?
100s of FREE Tamil (Hindi, etc.) FONTS
IMPORTANT note on 'dual screen' and 'single screen' editors
Unicode - all about it
Emailing in Indian languages
Everything Related to Unicode
What is Unicode?
How to enable Unicode fully in WinXP systems?
How to type in Unicode?
In Azhagi
In external applications
In MS-Word and MS-Powerpoint
How to effect Unicode conversions?
Unicode fonts
How to create websites in Tamil (Hindi, etc.)?
Benefits of Unicode
Unicode issues and solutions
Unicode conversion - Azhagi's converters
What do the converters do? How to operate them?
Any other formats converted?
Converting formatted text
Converting multiple files
Converter buttons/options
UTF-8 or UTF-16
Refresh text area button
Plain Text | HTML Text
Issues in conversion
File remains the same after conversion
Question marks at some points
Boxes in place of images
Operating Azhagi
System requirements
Abbreviations used
How to operate Azhagi?
English to Tamil Key Mappings
General Mappings
Vowels - uyir ezhuththukkaL
Consonants - mey ezhuththukkaL, By Order
Consonants - mey ezhuththukkaL, By Type
Consonant+Vowel - uyirmey ezhuththukkaL - Long format
Consonant+Vowel - uyirmey ezhuththukkaL - Short format
Numerals - thamizh eNgaL
Consonants ??;we Grantha - Intelligent mappings
Special mappings
Extended mappings
Intelligent mappings - Summary
All mappings in one table
Special cases during transliteration
Tamil equivalent for any English text
Sample texts for transliteration
Change key mappings
Non-phonetic keyboard layouts
Text Areas and Keypad
ETA (English text area)
TTA (Tamil text area)
Tutor's or learner's keypad
Menu Items Explained
Tray Items Explained
'F10' - Learn me first
Extended Mode
Extended Editing
Use Preset Options
Typing Mode
Unicode Input
Sink Menu
Silent Startup
Files created
Quick tips
Known issues
Special Tools
Auto transliteration
Reverse transliteration
Pause/resume transliteration
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ - online and offline
Unable to type certain words
Operation and Usage
How to operate Azhagi? How to type in Tamil in MS-Word?
Problem while typing 'Sri' in MS-Word?
Problem due to 'sequence checking' in MS-Word
What are those files ending with `e` and `eb`?
Can I choose my own key mappings?
What should the recipients of my Tscii documents/mails do?
Why are Azhagi and SaiIndira named so?
How to contribute to Azhagi?
Help, Support and Updates

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