Tutor's or learner's keypad

Tutor's or learner's keypad

·      The thamizh keypad holds the thamizh letters (uyir and mey), grantha characters 'sha', 'ja', 'Sri' etc., thamizh numerals (for 1 to 9), 'enter', 'backspace', 'spacebar', '?', ',' and '.' This keypad can be invoked by clicking "Tools->Learner's Tools->Tutor's / Learner's Tamil Keypad".

·      Using this keypad, you can teach Tamil to children to a great extent. Not only children, adults who wish to learn Tamil can also be taught. You achieve this by using simple mouse clicks and dragging.
e.g. If you want to generate a particular letter, just click on a key on this keypad and the letter displayed on that key will get displayed on the TTA. i.e. if you click on 'ik'(ì), 'ik' (ì) will appear in TTA.  If you want to generate a uyir-mey ezhuththu, just click on a mey ezhuththu first and then on a uyir ezhuththu. Instead of a click followed by another click, you can also click on a mey-ezhuththu and without releasing the click, drag the mouse to a uyir ezhuththu and then release the click. For instance, click on 'ik' (ì)  first, then without releasing the click, drag the mouse over 'a' («) and release the click. 'ka' (¸) will be generated in TTA.

·      Tool tips are provided for all the keys in the keypad which serve as a simple guide for pronunciation and also as a simple key-mapping guide for typing.
e.g. the tool tip for ‘ì’ will read as  “ik ( k / g / c)  ( as the 'k' in ink )”. This means
- you basically pronounce ‘ì’ as ‘ik’
- the letter(s) to type in ETA to get ‘ì in TTA is ‘k’ or ‘g’ or ‘c’
- as part of a word, 'ì' is pronounced as the ‘k’ in ink.

·      Note:
One of the users of Azhagi (residing in Madhavaram, Chennai) informed me that he uses this keypad alone to generate all his documents and that he is well-versed in using this keypad to generate texts very fastly and has written (and also published) 3 to 4 books itself using Azhagi's keypad!!!


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