Unicode - Issues and solutions

Unicode - Issues and solutions

·      In MS Word 2007 (and above), if there are problems typing certain words alone [like 'jananam', 'kumaarar', etc. -  where particular uyirmey agaram characters get formed sequentially], then it has nothing to do with Azhagi. It is because of 'sequence checking' in MS-Word. So, please do the following:

1.   Right click next to the 'view' menu item of MS-Word.

2.   You will get a popup menu.

3.   In that, select 'Customize Quick Access Toolbar' option.

4.   In the left side, choose 'Advanced' option.

5.   Now, uncheck 'Use sequence checking'.

Thereafter, you won't face problems typing any Tamil word. You may come across this problem with some other applications too. So, try to go through  the correct menu options in whatever application in which you face this specific problem and uncheck/disable 'sequence checking'. You can view the latest online reference to the abovesaid at

·      Adobe products such as PageMaker, PhotoShop, etc. do not support Unicode (even if Unicode is enabled fully). When you try to type in Unicode in such applications, you might only see question marks or boxes or disjointed Tamil characters appearing in them, either at all places or at certain places. Please see in this connection.

·      Office 2000 and earlier versions may not support Unicode typing using Azhagi even after effecting various settings. To resolve the issue, you may have to upgrade to Office 2002 and later versions.

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