100s of free Tamil (Hindi, etc.) fonts

100s of free Tamil (Hindi, etc.) fonts

·      At present, Azhagi provides a few fonts* only along with the installation pack. But, there are 2 more free Azhagi fonts (SaiJothi and SaiMalar) and 100s of other FREE Tamil (Hindi, etc.) fonts developed by various other individuals and entities, available in various encodings - Tscii, Unicode, TAB, TAM, etc. Please visit and to find links to download all of them.

·      (*) The fonts are as follows:

·      "Tscii" fonts with names starting with Sai (SaiIndira, SaiSai, SaiEmbed, SaiVrishin).

·      An "Unicode" font named Tscu_SaiIndira. This font can actually be used as a Tscii font also. i.e. as such, it is a dually encoded font - supports both Tscii and Unicode.

·      A "TAB" font named SaiMeera.

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