What are those files ending with `e` and `eb`?

Files ending with `e` and `eb`

·      When you opt for 'Single Screen' transliteration/typing, only one file will be created.

·      When you do 'Dual Screen' transliteration, 3 files will be created, including the extra ‘e` and `eb` suffixed files.

·      For e.g. if you give file name as 'test1' while saving, 'test1.rtf' will be the only file created during 'Single Screen' transliteration/typing. But, 'test1.rtf', test1`e`.rtf and test1`eb`.rtf - 3 files will be created during 'Dual Screen' transliteration. ‘test1.rtf’ is your main Tamil file. test1`e`.rtf is the file holding your English text. test1`eb`.rtf is a support file. Do not delete the last two files (`e` and `eb` suffixed) mistakenly.

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