Use Preset Options

Use Preset Options

·      If this option is kept unticked, Azhagi uses 'Extended Mode' and 'Extended  Editing' based on whether they are ticked or not.

·      If this option is kept ticked, Azhagi uses 'Extended Mode' and 'Extended Editing' in the following manner :

1.   For applications which are listed in the Titles/Options Editor, the preset options for 'Extended 'Mode' and 'Extended Editing' will be used automatically. i.e. the preset options you indicated (using Titles/Options Editor) for the various windows applications will be automatically used by Azhagi as you keep working in different applications at different times.

2.   For applications which are not listed in the 'Titles/Options Editor', Azhagi will check/uncheck 'Extended Mode' and 'Extended Editing' based on it's own internal preference.


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