Unicode Fonts

Unicode fonts

·      'Latha' is the font automatically chosen by Windows whenever you type in Unicode Tamil. If you find a font by name 'Arial Unicode MS' in your system, you might use that too but it is advisable to use 'Latha' itself as content remains undisturbed across all machines. Azhagi's Tscu_SaiIndira font is also a Tamil Unicode font. You can use this font too.

·      Apart from the abovementioned fonts, you can opt to download 100s of free Unicode fonts following the links provided in

·      You can find an useful tool called 'Unicode Fonts Lister' under the 'Tools' menu of Azhagi's inbuilt Unicode editor.

·      This tool easily identifies and classifies (according to major Indian languages) all the Unicode fonts in your system.

·      The information thus provided by this tool will be useful in a variety of ways. For instances:

·      It can help you to  identify Unicode fonts which until this time you were not aware that they are Unicode fonts.

·      It can help you to delete Unicode fonts which you are not using regularly.

·      It can help you to determine whether you need to download more Unicode fonts for any particular language.


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