Pause/Resume transliteration

Pause/resume transliteration

·      During TT (i.e. Dual Screen transliteration), you can pause/resume the transliteration effect by ticking or unticking 'Pause Transliteration (TT off)' option under 'Preferences' menu of Azhagi.

·      As long as you keep this ticked, the corresponding Tamil text will never appear in the bottom screen. You can freely keep typing/editing your English text in the top screen. The moment you untick this, the transliteration will get effected and the corresponding Tamil will appear in the bottom screen.

·      This is of great use to some of the users who have become well-versed in typing tanglish. So, they keep this item ticked (i.e. Pause) always. They just type out their English text in ETA and when finished with, untick this item and the corresponding transliteration will appear in the TTA, for them to email or print  it out. This helps them to type out things fast and not get distracted by the Tamil text which appears at the bottom screen.

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