Important note on 'dual screen' and 'single screen' editors

IMPORTANT note on 'dual screen' and 'single screen' editors

·      Please do not use Azhagi's in-built 'dual screen' transliteration (dst, for short) editor to type volumes of Tamil text. Use the 'dst' editor only if you are new to transliteration and hence need initial practice on what to type in English to get the various Tamil characters, words and texts. Thus, use it only to type a single paragraph or at the most a single page of text. Do not type very many pages of important matters using the 'dst' editor.

·      Alternatively, you can use the 'single screen' editor but still not for typing volumes of Tamil text since the in-built editor does not have all the multitude of features of an editor like MS-Word.

·      So, using Azhagi, always type Tamil text directly in MS-Word (availing all it's multitude of features) and thus create/save/access your Tamil documents directly in MS-Word ever.

·      As a general tip (this is not anything related to Azhagi), please save your important MS-Word and other MS-Office documents periodically in an external hard disk or pen-drive.

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