Unicode - All about it

All about Unicode

·      Please see to know what is Unicode, how to enable Unicode fully in WinXP systems, the immense benefits of Unicode, etc.

·      Please note that in Win Vista/7/8, Unicode gets enabled fully during OS installation itself, automatically. You need not do anything at all, from your side.

·      With the release of Azhagi+ in 2011, enabling Unicode fully in WinXP systems is NOT necessary to effect Unicode typing in MS-Word and MS-PowerPoint.

How to type in Unicode?

·      Please read this help topic

How to convert to Unicode?

·      You can use Azhagi for converting from Tscii to Unicode and Vice-versa. Please read the help topics here to know how to effect the same.

·      For converting from many other fonts to Unicode and vice-versa, please visit and read the section under "Free Tamil Fonts Converters".

Unicode fonts regarding

·      Latha is the font automatically chosen by Windows whenever you type in Unicode. If you find a font by name 'Arial Unicode MS' in your system, you might use that too but it is advisable to use 'Latha' itself as content remains undisturbed across all machines. Azhagi's Tscu_SaiIndira font is also an Unicode font. You can use this font too.

·      Apart from the abovementioned fonts, you can opt to download 100s of free Unicode fonts following the links provided in

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