[ Tip: Detailed information on key mappings is available online also at and - please do see them if you have internet connection. ]

·      Azhagi provides an easy and user-friendly "English-to-Tamil" key mappings scheme. It is very flexible and not conforming to a rigid set of one-to-one rules. It is intelligent and  changes according to the place where an English letter occurs and in what combination of other letters it occurs. Capital letters can be judiciously used to get the Tamil equivalent for any English text typed by you.

·      Special mappings are provided for 'f', 'ph', etc. Extended mappings are also provided.

·      Special cases to type words like ÀÄý¸û, ¿¡ý¾¡ý, ¦Àð§Ã¡ø, etc. are taken care too.

·      In effect, the key mappings of Azhagi are very flexible and user-friendly. For e.g. 'Sri' can be generated in very many different ways as Sri, sri, Shri, sree, Sree, Mr, etc. Certain English words like 'dear', 'easy', etc. can be typed in English itself directly.

·      If you get to know all these user-friendly key mappings (intelligent, special, extended, etc.) thoroughly, then you can use Azhagi at her friendliest best.

·      To get to know more on the abovesaid unique Tamil transliteration scheme of Azhagi, please visit

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