Opening Document

Opening document

·      When you start Azhagi, usually two windows will get opened. One displaying the Non-Unicode editor and the other displaying the Unicode editor.

·      In the window displaying the Non-Unicode editor, click anywhere on the banner (with two hands pointing at either end) which appears at the top of the window.

Opening document

·      This will open a document in full screen. In this document (hereinafter called the 'opening document'), you can find around 20 questions answered (as given below).

Help topics covered in the 'opening document'

1.   Operational instructions (online) for ‘Azhagi’
2.   How to access Azhagi’s in-built (offline) help topics?
3.   In what font encodings one can type using Azhagi?
4.   How to type in Tamil in Tscii (non-unicode) in MS-Word?
4.1 ‘Sri’ problem - while typing in Tscii (SaiIndira, SaiSai, etc.) in MS-Word
5.   How to type in Tamil in Unicode in MS-Word in Win-XP?
6.   How to type in Tamil in Unicode in MS-PowerPoint in Win-XP?
7.   How to type in Unicode Tamil in ANY application (other than MS-Word and MS-PowerPoint) in WinXP?
8.   How to type in Unicode Tamil in ANY application (including MS-Word and MS-PowerPoint) in WinVista/7/8 and above?
9.   How to type in all other major Indian languages (Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, etc.) in ANY application?
10. How to type in Unicode Tamil (Hindi, etc.) in Notepad in WinXP?
11. How to type in Tamil in Adobe products (PageMaker, PhotoShop, etc.)?
12. Important TIPS on documenting using Tscii and Unicode
13. Creating PDF from documents typed in Tscii
14. Typing in Unicode in Indian languages using Azhagi’s in-built Unicode editor
15. Dual Screen, SAT, Auto and Reverse transliteration
16. How to auto-start ‘Azhagi’ with Windows?
17. Where can I get more free fonts?
18. Where can I get more ‘Help’?
19. Final Note

How to read the 'opening document' in MS-Word?

·      It is possible for you to read the 'opening document' externally also, rather than from within 'Azhagi'. If 'C:\Program Files\Azhagi' was the folder in which you installed 'Azhagi', then the file 'DirectTamilInputInAllApplications.rtf' in C:\Program Files\Azhagi\Infos' folder can be clicked and opened by you directly in MS-Word and read from therein. I suggest you not to make any changes to the contents of this document.

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