Auto transliteration

Auto transliteration

·      Azhagi has the facility to transliterate existing English (rather Tanglish) texts without the need to retype them. To auto-transliterate existing texts, one has to just copy and paste the text in the ETA (English text area. i.e. the upper text area) of Azhagi and the corresponding Tamil will appear in the bottom screen in no time.

How to effect 'auto transliteration'?

·      Step-by-step help (with screenshots) on how to effect 'auto transliteration' is available online at Please make use of the same. In addition to the same, kindly see TIPS at the end of this page, without fail.


·      Auto-Transliteration (available in Azhagi since 2000) is of immense help to some of the users who had typed out their Tamil poems, slokas, articles, film scripts, etc. earlier in 'Tanglish' or collected some matter from the internet which are in Tanglish. To convert their works in Tamil now, there is no need for them to retype the entire existing matter. They just have to paste their Tanglish texts in the ETA of Azhagi and Azhagi will do the rest. Of course, there will be some areas wherein they have to make some minor corrections and alterations. Tamil film scriptwriters find Auto-Transliteration immenselfy helpful.

·      This is what Mr.Sundar Krishnamurthy of Bangalore had to say after availing the 'Auto Transliteration' feature: "Thank you very much. You have saved a lot of my valuable time vide your 'Auto Transliteration' tool. The Lord Almighty shall reward you for this."
·      Mr.Sundar Krishnamurthy had loads of texts related to "Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam" in transcribed form and as a senior citizen was worried over the efforts needed to convert them all in Tamil. Azhagi did the conversion in no time for him and helped him to easily distribute his divine-related work to 100s of other people.


·      If the text to be converted is large, it will take proportionately longer time for conversion. So, if your text is large, it is better to break it into smaller chunks and attempt conversion on the same. If you try out some sample texts first, then you can judge what 'large' means for your specific computer configuration (processor speed, RAM, etc.).

·      When you paste your English (rather Tanglish) text from an external source onto the ETA of Azhagi, in general, the whole text is converted into it's Tamil equivalent. But, sometimes you might require that some portions of your pasted text be kept in English itself, without conversion. To achieve this, if you keep the option 'Use caret as English text delimiter' under 'More Preferences' ticked, and if your copied English text has certain portions delimited within carets, then these portions will be kept in English itself without conversion. For e.g. you can have your external text as: "appaa, eppadi irukkeenga? ^I am fine^" and when you copy this text in ETA of Azhagi, "appaa, eppadi irukkeenga?" will be converted to Tamil but "I am fine" will be kept intact in English itself.

·      You can use this powerful feature to convert data in Excel files too (for e.g. names, city names, etc.). Just select some columns of data from your Excel file, paste these data in the ETA of Azhagi. They will be copied in columns itself, each column separated by a tab character. After the conversion is over, the converted text in Tamil will appear in the TTA (Tamil text area. i.e. the bottom text area) with each column's characters separated by a tab character. Copy and paste this data from TTA and paste it in some blank columns of your Excel file and you have your converted data ready in Tamil. If Tamil characters appear in unreadable format, just select the characters and apply SaiIndira font. That's all to it.

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