TTA (Tamil text area)

TTA (Tamil text area)

·      If you are using Azhagi for the first time, as soon the application starts, the cursor will be placed in ETA (English text area. i.e. the top text area) only. However, you can place the cursor in the bottom Tamil text area (TTA) and also make it full screen. To do the same, just click on the button captioned 'Single Screen'. Alternatively, you can click on 'Preferences'. Then, Click on 'Screen Appearance' and choose "'Single (Full) Screen' Tamil-only Interface".

·      Thereafter, you can start typing to effect NonTransparent (Single Screen) Transliteration (NTT).

·      The caps lock should be off and the English text area should be empty. You cannot switch to TT (Transparent 'Dual Screen' Transliteration) in between.

·      Use F10 (or Alt-c) to toggle between Tamil and English font. By this way, you can generate mixed text (i.e. both English and Tamil).

·      If you wish to type in Tamilnet99 or 'Tamil Typewriter' input mode, then please click the corresponding button at the top (to the right of the 'Keyboard Layout' caption) and then start typing as usual.

·      To know at any point of time the keyboard layout (also known as  'typing mode' or 'input mode') in which you are typing, please see the Currently active 'Keyboard layout' pointer at the bottom of your editor screen. The layout shown in bold letters is your currently active keyboard layout. When you start Azhagi for the first time, 'Phonetic (Transliteration)' will be the default keyboard layout.


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