Benefits of Unicode

Benefits of Unicode

·      The Tamil (Hindi, etc.) text communicated by you in Unicode is straightaway readable in Tamil (Hindi, etc.) by your recipients. No need for them to install any font to read your text in Tamil (Hindi, etc.).

·      In future, the Tamil (Hindi, etc.) documents created by you are straightaway available for further computing/processing on them, no matter what operating system or application is used for the processing. This way, the Tamil (Hindi, etc.) documents created by you are future-safe. There may not arise a need again to convert your documents to some other encoding.

·      The inherent capabilities of unicode coupled with the effective use of the same by the Windows OS and certain applications allow you to achieve the following:

1.   Find & Replace in Tamil (Hindi, etc.) in MS-Word, Excel, Notepad, etc.

2.   Sorting - arranging in alphabetical order - in Tamil (Hindi, etc.) in Excel, Access, MS-Word tables etc. Data-filtering in Tamil too may be possible in MS-Excel.

3.   Databases in Tamil (Hindi, etc.) in MS-Access, etc.

4.   Files/Folders names in Tamil (Hindi, etc.).

5.   Searching in Google (Yahoo! , etc.) in Tamil (Hindi, etc.).

6.   Online forums in Tamil (Hindi, etc.).

7.   MP3 Songs list in Tamil (Hindi, etc.).


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