Known issues

Known issues

·      During 'Dual Screen' transliteration, the ETA and TTA may go out of sync RARELY. i.e. there may not be synchronisation between what you type in English in ETA and what you see in TTA. If ever this error occurs, kindly do one of the following and order will be restored :

·      Click on 'Re-Transliterate' under 'Tools' menu and Azhagi will re-transliterate the English text from the start and restore the synchronisation.


·      Select the English text in full, copy it and then paste it over the fully selected text.


·      Select the English text in full, copy it and paste it in a blank Ms-Word document. Close the current file and open a new file in Azhagi. Copy the whole text of Ms-Word document and paste it in ETA of Azhagi. Azhagi will transliterate considering the pasted text as an external text and order will be restored.

·      Note:

·      This rare error can occur only during 'Dual Screen' transliteration and will never occur during 'Single Screen' transliteration.

·      Also, the above error might occur due to a mistake done by user. The mistake is to open the Tamil file created using Azhagi in an external application like MS-Word and editing it and again trying to open it in Azhagi. So, never edit a file created in Azhagi in an external application.

·      When you are pasting text from an outside source, if there are empty lines at the end of the pasted text, then when you paste it in ETA, a synchronisation error might occur sometimes. This is a rare error only. In any case, if you encounter that rare error, then while copying the external text, do not include the empty lines at the end.

·      During character count, ·’ appearing in Tamil words involving transliteration of ‘f’ and ‘ph’ is considered as a separate character. For ex:·À¡will be considered as two Tamil characters whereas it is a single character, ideally speaking. (Further, tab spaces are considered as characters when they should not be.)

·      'Text Area Cursor Positions' reports the column position wrongly sometimes when the last character of a line is a blank space. Rarely only this occurs, anyway.


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