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My 100% free support - an important announcement related to that
    God is Great. Even before reading my actual announcement - dt. Feb 14, 2019 - hereunder (on my chronic health struggles, my humble requests, etc.), I wish to make one point very clear and it is applicable to all users - whether new or old or longstanding. That point is:

      You can get help, for any of your queries, 'directly from me', Viswanathan, the sole author of Azhagi apps. But, for the same, I request you to kindly take some time and read this announcement of mine fully (and thoroughly) and also act according to them 100% so that you can email/message me the two very simple info I have sought from you (info-1: whether you have read a humble request of mine "fully" and info-2: whether you took action, if any, based on that. In other words, my announcement has absolutely NOTHING to do with money or material; so you can readily and unhesitatingly read my announcement till the end, "fully"). If you can do so, then I will give my help directly, to the best extent possible, and that too, as promptly as possible.

      In some cases however, I may not be able to help you out directly and I shall let you know the same and the reason for the same. For instance, take the case of you wishing to know how to type in Tamil in appplications like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc., using Azhagi+. I cannot help you out directly because I am nowhere in a position to afford to buy these "commercial" applications. So, the only option left for you is to view one or more related YouTube video demos, links for which I have already given in one or more of my help resources (listed hereunder in this very same page, if only you can continue to read ahead). These videos have been created by others and not by me. These videos explain in a very detailed and step-by-step manner as to how to use Azhagi+ to type in Tamil in the aforementioned applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc.) seamlessly, without any problems, whatsoever.

      Well, barring such cases as mentioned above, you can get help directly from me, if you read this announcement of mine and act accordingly. And, of course, for free. Absolutely. Thus, there is no need for you to utilise your time to read any of the existing help resources of Azhagi apps. But, if reading my announcement and/or acting according to them 100% is not possible for you (for whatever reasons), then, in such a case alone, kindly please understand fully well that I am not in a position to help you directly (barring some exceptional cases). However, in such a case, please continue to scroll down and read further. You do have other options. So, kindly read ahead (read "fully" and till the end) for the other options.

    First of all, kindly please see whether you have indeed gone through the extremely "extensive" help resources (for e.g. these questions and answers OR this checklist OR these video demos - just 3 out of the very many help resources) already available via various avenues (including from within Azhagi+ too; in the very starting screen of Azhagi+ itself; in Tamil too for some queries).

    The help info provided in the starting screen of Azhagi+ may contain the answer to your query right in front of you, in more than one way. For e.g., if you wish to know how to type in Tamil in applications like Photoshop/ PageMaker / Illustrator / InDesign / CorelDraw / Filmora / PowerDirector / etc. (particularly in STMZH [Senthamizh] Tamil fonts), the answer to the same is available in more than one place, right in front of you (with several video demos coupled with 'step by step' instructions). One of the places is the help menu item "Typing in Pagemaker, Photoshop, etc." under the "Help" menu of the opening screen of Azhagi+.

    So, as you can see, your answer is just 2 clicks away. Just click the "Help" menu and then the menu item "Typing in Pagemaker, Photoshop, etc.". Thats all to it.

    Similarly, if you wish to know how to type in some 'XYZ' Tamil font (i.e. type in ANY Tamil font), there is a button captioned "Type in any language or font" as below, right in the starting screen of Azhagi+. Clicking on that button will give you all the info you need. Not only in the case of typing, if you wish to convert to some 'XYZ' Tamil font (i.e. convert to ANY Tamil font), for that also, you have the necessary tool, right in the starting screen of Azhagi+. You just have to click the button captioned "Fonts Converter [For Tamil]" as below. That is all to it.

    So, as you can see, answers to most of your questions are available from within Azhagi+ itself. But, in spite of all this detailed inbuilt help, still queries such as above are asked again and again by different users, even when the answers to them are already available from within Azhagi+ itself, and that too quite handily.

    So, if not already tried, then you may kindly please try taking help from the umpteen help resources which I have already painstakingly created and freely provided to all users, as follows. If you feel you are not computer-savvy enough to read and understand any of the following help resources, you can request any of your near/dear (which may include your friends/contacts/etc. too) who is computer-savvy enough (and having the time and heart to help you) to read the following and help you out. If that is not possible (for whatever reasons), then, as stated at the very start of this page, you may ofcourse seek the answer directly from me but only after reading this particular important announcement of mine and acting accordingly 100%. The help resources (not all, but some of them; the major ones, I can say) follow below:

    • the extremely vital and utmostly important checklist present here
    • the various video demos in YouTube
    • the various help tips present in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. It's a vast resource. One easy way to know whether your query could have been answered in this page is to search in it. For e.g., if you need dotted Tamil fonts, then visit this page and search on 'dotted' in this page.
    • the variety of questions answered in Azhagi Facebook Group. It's a very very vast resource. One easy way to know whether your query could have been answered in the group is to search in it. For e.g., if you need to convert images or PDFs to editable texts (i.e. OCR), then visit the group and search on 'OCR' or 'PDF to editable Tamil text' (using the search box provided by Facebook and not the browser).
    • the very many questions answered in Quora on Azhagi, in Tamil too (தமிழிலும்) - many of them with screenshots and links to video demos.
    • the various help buttons, web links and detailed written info (in Tamil## too) in the very opening screen of Azhagi+.
    • - ## Very many useful info is provided in Tamil itself, if only you can click and read this button provided at the very top of the very opening screen of Azhagi+.
    • the various help menu items under the various menus of Azhagi+ (esp. the menu items under the 'Help' menu of Azhagi+)
    • the various menu items under the various menus (Features, Help, etc.) present in almost every webpage of
    • several more resources similar to the above ones - anytamilfont.html (how to type/convert in/from/to any Tamil font, not yet supported by default in Azhagi+ [for e.g. Tamil fonts RGB, Nambikkai, Dinak, Kamban, Chenet Platinum, Kalakkal, etc.]), anytamilfont-t.html (தமிழில்), steps-regular.html, steps-in-tamil-regular.html (தமிழில்), steps-portable.html, steps-in-tamil-portable.html (தமிழில்), changecreate.html, etc., etc.
    • actually, it is not just Azhagi apps. There are several Indic apps which may come handy to you but you are not aware of them. Take a look at indic.html for various other Indic apps - You can even do speech-to-text and text-to-speech in Indian/world languages using Google translator.
    • you can also search in general (for e.g. "how to do voice typing?") in Google search or YouTube's search box and you will get 100s of help links leading to various other software which help in language computing.

    If the above "extremely" extensive and elaborate help resources are still not enough for you OR you do not want to read them (for whatever reasons) OR your question is still not answered (possible in certain cases) even after reading most/all of the above help resources, then you may ofcourse seek the answer directly from me but please read my important announcement hereunder:

    Announcement - Dated: 14th Feb 2019, my dearest amma's birthday
    (Note: My dearest amma, after going through a period of severe struggle and pain, reached the Lotus Feet of our Beloved God on Thursday the 23rd of May 2019, to remain in Bliss therein forever)

    Considering the toll it has taken in the past on my health and the toll it continues to take on my health in the present , not to mention the toll it takes on my time/energy/money, I (Viswanathan, Author of Azhagi Free Apps) have taken a considered decision (starting February 14th, 2019), that I shall hereafter continue to give the same 100% free support (as was the case for the past several years) for Azhagi apps (and Indic computing in general) but only to those users who confirm me that they have read the following simple societal request (NO money/material is asked therein) of mine:

    So, as an user (whether you be a new user or be an old user), you shall please join and post your query in Azhagi Facebook Group (Azhagi's public support forum since 2014) only and only after you have read my above societal request "fully", till the very end. And, before posting your query (after reading the guidelines here), kindly let me know the following through Facebook Messenger or Email or through Whatsapp even (in case you are aleady in my contacts list):

    1. Whether you read my above societal request "fully", till the end.

    2. What action (if any) you took, based on my societal request, so that many more of the society get benefited, in much the same way you have got benefited immensely so far. If you indeed took any action, it will be of great help to me personally too, by boosting my productivity tremendously (as explained in my above societal request) so that I can keep churning out more and more updated versions of Azhagi apps at a further more faster rate, which in turn is again going to benefit the society only eventually.

    Well, even if you did not read my above very kind&humble societal request "fully" and even if you did not take any action based on my above kind&humble societal request, NOT a problem, as such. I shall still answer your queries and definitely help you out. But, I need you to necessarily let me know whether or not you read my above request (AND) if read, whether or not you took any action based on it . Thanks for your understanding/cooperation in this regard.

    Note: If (AND ONLY IF) you feel it is not posssible to oblige (for whatever reasons) to my above very simple societal request and thus do not want to get help from me (the author) directly, then:

    1. You may ofcourse kindly please seek support for Azhagi apps through some other entity or means. For e.g., by opting to personally contact some other member of Azhagi Facebook Group. But, in such a case where the help offered by the other entity does not solve your query, kindly do not blame the other entity OR Azhagi. The other entity is doing a great favour (since you are not contacting me directly) to help you out with whatever knowledge he/she possesses on Azhagi apps. So, kindly be accommodative to the other-entity and Azhagi always. After all, I am providing everything "absolutely FREE"** for you, expecting nothing in return. Absolutely NOTHING. And that too, amidst various difficulties. I am just a very very ordinary individual**, working from my home. That's all. So, please be kind and accommodative.

    2. There is one more option too. There are various other useful Indic software (free and commercial), incl. those developed by Google and Microsoft. I myself have listed and written about many of them at my page. You are at liberty to opt to start using any of them. For any doubts in those software, you can always read/see those software's help resources OR opt to write to the authors of those software and seek help from them. Request for any new features too, you can place to the respective authors. In this connection, you can opt to write to Microsoft or Google even. In other words, all the time, you have the choice to be not to be entirely dependent on Azhagi apps alone. Actually, companies like Google, Microsoft, Infosys, TCS, etc. have all the resources in the world to create societally immensely beneficial software like Azhagi, afresh itself. So, in case you feel a particular unique feature of Azhagi apps needs enhancement and if I am not having the necessary resources (health, time, money, energy, etc.) to work on the same further, I sincerely feel that you may please kindly write to one or more of Google, Microsoft, Infosys, TCS, etc. so that they can easily create a societally immensely beneficial software like Azhagi, afresh itself, with ALL the features (unique or otherwise) you wish for. In my own personal humble opinion, the aforesaid companies were/are indebted to create such beneficial software (as many as possible) for the society. They can of course take over such beneficial software too (for free of course) and enhance them (for free of course). In this connection, please read my inno.html and inno-help.html pages fully.

    3. Yet another option is this - Read this Facebook post of mine and see what best you can do about it.

    4. (**) absolutely FREE - I am not asking any user any money in any way. I am not going to ask any money in the future too. I have not sought even donations from anybody so far. I do not host any advertisements either - in my site or in my apps. I do not earn anything out of my own too. My better half only earns. I don't. I am not funded by anybody to do my work either. I am just an individual. A non-entity, actually. God is everything. I am nothing. Not even zero. I am NOTHING. So, kindly take some few minutes at least, to get to read the history of Azhagi and also about me and my motto and always please be kind, kind, and doubly kind - towards me, azhagi and any other entity who is helping you out on Azhagi apps.

    Very Very Humbly Yours
    "When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others" - Chinese Proverb

    "Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues, but the parent of all the others" - Cicero (106-43bc)
    "Gratitude is the mother of all virtues" - G.K.Chesterton
    "A noble person is mindful and thankful of the favours he receives from others" - The Buddha
    "Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy." - Fred De Witt Van Amburgh

    "யான் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெறுக இவ்வையகம்" - திருமூலர்
Facebook group (Azhagi's primary support forum)
  • Azhagi's Facebook Group - - is the first and best way to contact me (Viswanathan), the founder of and author of's freeware. The way to contact me is just to simply post your query or testimonial in the group. That is all to it. So, kindly join the group. Joining the group and posting your query/testimonial is a very simple process. Even yet if you need guidance for the same, then that also has been given in a step-by-step manner at join-azhagi-facebook-group.html. 'Azhagi Facebook Group' is a public group and an exclusive support forum for all my freeware. Note that you can read the existing messages of the group even without joining the group. If possible, please go through this checklist before posting your queries in the group. Depending on your query, I shall answer your query in one or more of the following ways.
    • I will allow your query to be posted in our group and reply for the same.
    • I will not post your query in the group but reply for it separately via a new post by myself wherein I would tag your facebook name so that you get notified.
    • I will not post your query in the group but reply for it via facebook messenger. If you do not know about facebook messenger, kindly get to know about the same from some near/dear (which may include your friends/contacts/etc. too).
    So, please keep looking for my reply in both the group and facebook messenger. Some guidelines on how you shall make your posts follow below. Kindly read them for sure. Please note that not only Azhagi apps are 100% free to ALL, the support (as and when it is given) is also 100% free to ALL. I do clear doubts to the best extent possible, to any entity from any part of the world - including commercial entities. So, please follow the guidelines below while you post your queries:
    • Make sure you have read this important announcement "fully" before posting your query.
    • Kindly post your query as a separate post and not as a comment in some unrelated thread. If you do so, I might sometimes not answer your query.
    • Kindly please carry a sincere/kind/humble tone in your query. In other words, kindly do not ask your query in a blunt/nonchalant manner.
    • When asking your query, kindly always assume the bhaavam of a student, whatever may be your age and whatever may be your status (educationally/societally/professionally/etc.). i.e. kindly take the internal posture/feeling as though you are a student and I am your teacher. This would be of mutual help in a long way. I have written about this in detail at bhaavam.html
    • Kindly mention at the very start of your query itself as to how long you have been an user of Azhagi apps and how it has been useful to you and/or the society so far.
    • Please do mention clearly whether your query pertains to Azhagi desktop application OR Azhagi android app.
    • As mentioned in the checklist (referred above already), please provide me with as many details as possible (your operating system, application in which you face an issue, etc., etc., etc.)
    • Especially, kindly do not send queries such as "I installed AzhagiPlus. It is not working. What to do?". These kinds of queries do not help at all. You need to give me full details as to what exactly is not working. i.e. you need to write to me - what you intended to do (e.g. transliterate in Tamil), in which application (e.g. MS Word), what happened (e.g. Tamil characters did not appear), etc. etc. etc. In other words, kindly let me know as much details as possible.
    • Please do not post your query declaring that a particular problem is definitely to do with Azhagi only (because, many of your issues might be to do with your own lack of understanding OR it might be to do with external factors, as mentioned in the checklist). Kindly just state your issue and request for solution.

    Join Azhagi's Facebook Group

    Note-1: Azhagi's Facebook group (active since Oct 2014), is not a personal page of mine. It is a public Facebook group (i.e. a public support forum for Azhagi, whose posts can be seen by anybody/anywhere/anytime, even without logging into Facebook), carrying hundreds of societally useful posts (and, only such societally useful posts), related to language computing. Therein, I regularly interact with users and post information on Azhagi+ and other software of it's kind. I clarify all the doubts of users, explain about the unique/special features of Azhagi+ and announce about the new versions of Azhagi+. So, if at all possible, kindly please join Azhagi's Facebook Group. This is a 'very humble request' from me. By joining the group, you help me interact with all users in a common platform. It makes it easy for me to disseminate common information and for my support tips to help more users in one go. That in turn helps me maintain my productivity at it's best. So, please join. Thanks, in advance.

    Note-2: In case you do not have a Facebook account (in order to join Azhagi's Facebook Group at, then I very much request you to create one. It is free. And, if you have any concerns of unnecessary contacts emerging for you through your facebook account, please note that you can specify in the 'settings' of your facebook account that nobody shall send you friend requests and thus it is possible to have a facebook account with 'zero' friends. Anyway, this is just for your information only, in case you are not aware. Otherwise, not to have a facebook account is definitely your prerogative, any day any time. I respect the same, any day any time.

    Note-3: If at all your time permits, kindly visit Azhagi's Support Forum - - and expand all posts/threads to see all the comments and subcomments under a thread. You will understand the extreme lengths and breadths and depths to which I have answered queries of users of varied kinds (individuals, professionals, businessmen, companies, commercial establishments, government offices, lawyers, doctors, engineers, auditors, astrologers, policemen, teachers, students, farmers, organisations, institutions, schools, churches, temples, clergymen, devotees, priests, seekers, religious people, political people, media people, NGOs, hotels, caterers, social workers, story tellers, translators, book-writers, publishers, website builders, NPOs, singers, composers, directors, screenplay writers, script writers, meme creators, multimedia developers, videographers, DTP centers, blog writers, webzine editors, story writers, magazine editors, media houses, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. - there are umpteen kinds of users), ever since the support group's formal activation. And, all this FOR FREE. 100% Free. You can keep on scrolling/expanding the Azhagi Facebook Group support forum webpage and it will seem never-ending.

    Note-4: There have been instances in the past where some users (particularly senior citizens) who hesitated to join Azhagi Facebook Group initially (for their own personal reasons - privacy concerns, as briefly mentioned in Note-2 above, being the primary reason), but later joined and realised how immensely beneficial it was for them and the society in turn. Most of the times, answering queries through Facebook is supremely convenient, with to-and-fro instant chat (which is not possible through email), leading to a quicker resolution to users's doubts/clarifications (thus saving the time for both me and the users, on a large scale). Thus, Azhagi facebook group is the best medium for me to give the swiftest support possible. So, considering all that I have written so far, I kindly request you, the user, to understand the importance of time, which is invaluable not only for you but more so for me too, and thus join the group and post your queries therein. Its a 'Win-Win' for both of us, and the society as well. "We are, because of others", as one famous saying goes. However, due to privacy concerns, etc., if you are still unwilling to join Azhagi Facebook Group, so be it. As already written by me above, its your prerogative, any time any day. But, in that case, sorry that I may not be able to provide you the needed support. Kindly bear with me.

    Note-5: This group's inception itself was by Mr Dineshkumar, a loving user, and not by me.

    Note-6: Kindly scroll down further for my email and other related info.

My email
  • My email id is "NOBLEHEARTED at GMAIL dot COM". If you wish to email me in order to clarify any doubts in Azhagi, then I would request you to first read this important annoucement fully and thoroughly and act accordingly.

  • If you wish to email me for purposes other than clarifying doubts in Azhagi, then please read Important Note below before emailing.
Important Note:
I reside in Chennai (T.Nagar, 'Pondy Bazaar' area), India. I develop/enhance Azhagi/Azhagi+ applications and maintain - alone#, from my home - ever since Azhagi's inception in 1999/2000. Due to health considerations and other genuine personal reasons, I am not in a position to meet anybody in person, whatever be your motive* to meet me. I do feel "extremely" sorry about this but very hopeful that you will understand nevertheless. My "deepest" apologies for my disinclination in this regard.

(#) In reality, one can never say Azhagi/Azhagi+ is a one-man software team, because, without my well-wishers and their timely support/encouragement, I could never have prodded along alone for these many years (since 1999). And, Azhagi/Azhagi+ would never have reached worldwide. I ever remain indebted to my well-wishers. Ultimately, thanks to the Lord Almighty ever, for all and everything.

(*) For instance, even if your motive is to just see me in person or just convey your thanks in person or just have a few minutes of friendly talk. I feel that even that half an hour or one hour which is spent in seeing me and conversing with me, a NOTHING entity (not even zero; just NOTHING) shall be spent by both of us in some noble activity^^ which is of use to the society.

God is Great. Praise the Lord. I will continue to strive my best to remain a NOTHING entity.

Thanks for reading the above note and thanks for your understanding.

(^^) For instance, you may kindly read my humble request at motto-love-all-serve-all-help-ever-hurt-never.html#a-kind-and-humble-request and see what best you can do about it. If you indeed do something about it on a regular basis, that alone would give me the utmost happiness. Because, though I am nothing (and hence utterly insignificant), Azhagi apps are immensely significant since they keep helping the society enormously, day in and day out.

- B. Viswanathan (Author, Azhagi/Azhagi+)

My twitter account

More on me
author.html | viewstam.html
About me (Viswanathan, Author of Azhagi) and my views

My apps - 100% free - to all  |  My support - 100% free - to all
My apps (applications/software) are 100% free - to all - including commercial entities - for both personal and commercial use. My support for my apps is also 100% free - to all - including commercial entities - even over phone. My freeware apps are as hereunder:
  1. Azhagi - for Android
  2. AzhagiPlus - for Windows
  3. Classic Azhagi - for Windows
A note (reg. 100s of free fonts): Apart from my free apps above, you can also find links to download 100s of free fonts created by various entities at freefonts.html. It includes the exquisite 'Sai' fonts created by Mr. P. S. Ranganathan for 'Classic Azhagi' too.

More on Azhagi
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Azhagi's home

Facebook Page and Facebook Group exist for Azhagi/Azhagi+. They were started not by me but by Sri AKR and Mr. Dineshkumar respectively.

Wikipedia pages too exist for Azhagi - here (in English) and here (in Tamil). Like the facebook group and facebook page, these Wikipedia pages were also initiated by Mr. Dineshkumar and Sri AKR respectively. Wikipedia page on myself is here. This, as well, was initiated by Mr. Dineshkumar.

Your contribution
Kindly please see contribute.html (as well as spread.html). Therein, I have NOT sought any monetary contribution for me. So, please do visit and read the aforementioned pages and see what best you can do, if at all possible.

I see that some of those who post video demos on Azhagi in Youtube mention either direct download links (e.g. OR external download links for Azhagi (e.g. a link in cloud storage service) in their video description or comments. I request the creators of such Youtube videos to NOT to do so and give only links which always lead one to a page in (and NOT to a direct download link or any other site like, wherefrom one can download Azhagi apps.