(only a few 'sample' testimonials have been provided below)

Note: Testimonials for Azhagi Android App - HERE | தமிழில் 'பயனாளர் கருத்துக்கள்' - இங்கே

Related page: ack.html (Without the constant love and encouragement from users worldwide, I would not have been able to continue with Azhagi, this much, and this long, since 2000. My thanks in tons to all of them, from the very bottom of my heart, ever)

  • Mr. Karunakaran, Australia
    Sairam Viswanathan,

    I am sure you are at the service of Bhagavan Baba. Azhagi is truly a wonderful software. I live in Australia. I originally come from Srilanka but settled in Sydney. I have used this software and created many of Swami's Veda Pushpanjali Vedic Chants in Tamil. I type the chants in Tamil and prepare copies and distribute to people. Baba's statement 'Love all Serve all' is truly in action.
    Sincere prayers for the growth and well-being of the true inner beauty of Azhagi.

  • Thiru. Kolappan Nathan, Coimbatore in his review of Azhagi+ at alternativeTo

    It has a unique feature which *lets you add any fonts or language to it by editing xml files*. So practically it means it can type in any language any font in the world. This is one nice feature that other similar softwares lack, even the paid ones.

  • Mr. Vikram Mahesh Gunasekaran, Chennai in a Facebook comment

    Incomparable Social Returns of Azhagi

  • Mr. Narayanan Kameswaran, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

    I launched my second blog on Vedic Astrology in three languages {Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam} at

    Without Azhagi+, it would have been a nightmare! Thank you so much once again for this wonderful program {Azhagi+}. ... .. . ... .. .

    Best regards,

    Narayanan Kameswaran (Swaminathan)

    || Advaitham Sathyam ||

  • Mr. Seshadri Nadadhur, Bangalore
    Namaskaram! Recently I got நாலாயிர திவ்யப்ரபந்தம் pdf file in LT-TM font, with a Mobile/Tab friendly view. But it did not have இராமானுச நூற்றந்தாதி. I had இராமானுச நூற்றந்தாதி in properly formatted word format but in Unicode Latha font. I wanted to convert this to the same look & feel of நாலாயிர திவ்யப்ரபந்தம் pdf file in LT-TM font and append it to it.

    One (dumb) option is to re-type இராமானுச நூற்றந்தாதி in LT-TM font, but its time consuming and prone to errors.

    I used the BEST option to accomplish it - I used Azhagi's UNIQUE Font Converter.

    Used the "Open an MS Word document to effect conversion in it directly" and in split seconds, I had the desired output - in LT-TM font with original formatting and pictures intact.

    Absolutely thrilled. Azhagi's Font Converter is simply super - universally first of its kind. Thanks to Viswanathan Balasubramanian for this brilliant free package.
    ... .. .
    Sharing the converted file.

  • Ms. Yamuna
    Vanakkam Mr. Viswanathan,

    I discovered Azhagi yesterday evening after a Google search "type in Tamil in MS word" and am so delighted to have come across this incredible piece of software. Installation was a snap, the instructions to get one started were so simple that I was able to get to my task with no learning curve. The translation table for tamil characters on a qwerty keyboard on your main page was enough to help me complete my task well. I was so happy with the software that I wanted to find more about the people behind it. I have no words to tell you how inspired I am by your life and work. My heartfelt thanks to you. Your words of advice in the interview were addressed to youth, they speak clearly to everyone, and I hope to keep them in my heart as I navigate my path. I want to wish you joy, success, long life, but most of all I pray that you'll abide in the turiya jnana state that you are seeking.

  • Mr. Rajesh Williams (in Dec 2014)
  • I have modified the key map settings as per your advice and its working. kaU - കൗ

    Thank you for the inspiration to modify the key map settings.

    I rank your Azhagi+ with crore* {crore-STAR}. East or West, South or North, Azhagi+ is the best.

  • Mr. Bejoy Misra (from Puttaparthi, in Jan 2015)
  • This is to congratulate you for the multi language Azhagi tool you have developed.

    I have used a couple of other tools, but this one is the smallest and smartest.

    I stay in AP, but speak Odia, the language of ODISHA, and do some work in that language.

  • Mr. Saurabh Dua (from Delhi, in Nov 2015)
  • Respected Sir,

    I have been able to discover an RTI Activist within me only because of your Software--The Great-Great Azhagi+. Now Iam able to draft an umpteen RTI Applications using my Mother tongue--Hindi & all Credit for this Comfort, Composure & Confidence goes to you Sir! :) You have been blessed with great levels of humbleness, simplicity & modesty. Though my System is equipped with Multiple Application softwares such as Google Transliteration tool, Microsoft variant & alike, I always find a satisfaction of "Doing something Real & Sincere" only with Azhagi+. With rest of the options, it gives a typical feeling of --"Spoon feed"! Hence, Please accept my "Saashtaang Dandvat Pranam" for the divinity within you. Thank you very much Sir! :)

  • Mr. Saurabh Dua (from Delhi, in Sep 2015)
  • Respected Sir,

    I would like to extend my Heartiest gratitude to you and to your Noble effort which transpired in the form of Azhagi for the World.

    In spite of an 'N' no. of innovations from the Multi-National Brands (Google & Microsoft), I continue to adore Azhagi+ as "The Only" method to type in my Mother Tongue -- Hindi.

    On this occasion of "Hindi Divas", I would like to offer a 1000 salutes to your selfless efforts, dedication & a persistent commitment for this cause.

    Thank you so very much Sir!

  • Mr. Rajesh Williams (in Jan 2015)
  • Happy new year 2015

    Thank you for developing Azhagi + which made Malayalam Typing very interesting. I had tried so many Malayalam typing softwares available in net since 2008 but none was easy / lack of support / not getting alphabets / combinations, etc. Now I am able to type Malayalam in Word document with Azhagi+ and also able to type Malayalam directly in Google also without using Google transliteration. പുതുവത്സരാശംസകള്‍ 2015. May this new year the whole Viswam (world) use Azhagi+.

  • Mr. Satish Chandra (in June 2015)
  • Wish you all the best and may god grant you more strength and vigor to pursue whatever you want to pursue.

    Transliterating is a piece of cake with Azhagi+ now. I can swing from Tamil to Kannada to Sanskrit and Gujarati.

    You have no clue what you did to me.

  • Mr. Abilio (from Brazil, in 2012)
  • God bless you for your work.

    I'm from Brazil, a student of Sanskrit. Your program is very useful, thanks for this. ... .. .

  • Mr. Bhamidipati Phani Babu (from Pune, in 2012)
  • I worked in Ordinance Factories for 42 years. I developed an interest in writing blogs. I started off in English, but my desire was to write in Telugu (my mother tongue). I was trying desperately for typing in Telugu. I could find one 'yyy'. But I was vexed with Copy..Paste.. etc.

    Recently I read a {blog} post in Telugu, through which I could get to know about your what should I say... FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL site

    What can I say... it was amazing, so user-friendly... so easy specially for a novice like me.


  • Mr. M Koteswar (from Secunderabad, in 2012)
  • Mail 1:

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful India's smallest portable Indic typing software. You have taken so much pain to include all the Indian languages.

    Mail 2:

    Today 15 (fifteen) officers reported to our institute for Hindi training. I have explained them about Azhagi+ for 2 hours continuously. ... .. .

    I have even demonstrated how to create our own keyboard layouts (e.g. like Baraha's). Everyone appreciated your software very much.

  • Jeypee Farm (from Virudhunagar, in 2015)
  • Thanks for all you have done to the society. Because of Azhagi, we are now at ease in communicating with farmers. It helped us a lot to transfer technical knowledge in English to Tamil with ease. Your work is commendable as we see more farmers understand and move closer towards technology if it is communicated in their language.

  • Mr. KS Narayanan (from Calcutta, in 2012)
  • I express my deep sense of gratitude for explaining as to how Indian languages are to be scripted in phonetic manner. Azhagi+ is indeed a versatile one and I can write in Bengali also without any problem.

  • Mr. Thodla Subramanyam (from Chennai, in 2014)
  • I am using your Azhagi+ for the last 3 years and I feel it is the best and very easiest software to type in many languages. Mostly I am using this for writing in Gujarati and Hindi languages apart from Tamil & Telugu. ... .. .

  • Mr. S Rajagopalan (from Coimbatore, in 2012)
  • My dear Sairaam Visu,

    Every moment of my writings in Thamizh, Hindi or Samskritham, I think and thank you through HIM, my Marutha Malaiyan.

  • Prof. Mr. V. Sukumar, Villupuram (from Villupuram, in 2009)
    Dear Mr. Viswanathan,

    Congrats ....!

    Your product - Azhagi Tamil Transliteration software - is certainly a great boon for Tamil and Tamil community.

    Recently I was introduced about your product by a friend of mine. Ever since I have started using it, I find it extremely easy and useful.

    For school and college students, whenever I used to give lectures or guest lectures there was no choice for me other than to prepare and present ppts {PowerPoint Presentations} in English language. This had its own constraints as most of the students from rural areas in and around Villupuram have limitations in understanding and following English ppts.

    But now, with your software, I am able to prepare ppts in Tamil and it has wonderful effect on the students as they are able to follow and understand the contents of the presentation and lecture/messages in full.

    Sample Tamil presentation slides made with your software is enclosed.

    Please do accept my sincere heart felt thanks, congratulations and best wishes.

    I am sure your contribution will ever be remembered by the Tamil community all over the world.

    Though it may not match your Himalayan level of contribution to Tamil, in a small way I have made it a point to acknowledge and express my sincere thanks of the use of Azhagi software, in all the ppts made with your software.

    I pray the Almighty for your health and bestow you a long life to contribute more to our community.

    Regards, Prof. V Sukumar, <Address, Phone Numbers>

  • Mr. Chairmarajan, Melbourne
    Dear Sri. Viswanathan,

    Thanks for the Azhagi software and your noble heart. Providing such software for free is really great !

    Few families in Melbourne are having Satsang about Sri.Bhagavan Ramana's work of 'Naan Yaar?' and 'Self-Enquiry'. Since we are having the discussion in Tamil, we are using Azhagi for preparing notes, etc.

    The Unicode support of Azhagi is really excellent.

    Thanks once again for your noble contribution.

  • Mr. AGS, Chennai
    Hello Mr. Viswanathan,

    Excellent work from you...!!! I have been a regular user of Azhagi.

    Two years ago, I was just browsing the net for some Tamil fonts to learn to type in tamil. But, luckily and fortunately, came accross Azhagi...!!! Once I tried it, HAD FALLEN IN LOVE WITH IT...!!! :-) Seriously one of the best softwares that I have come across. Thanks for the great help...!!! Very useful software for me. Wanted to write to you long back... Now, I am pouring out everything from my heart...!!!

    ...It is difficult to be without Azhagi. Azhagi not only was useful for my work (I am an aspiring singer, music director and a sound engineer) but also made me look high in public. I used to take song lyrics and other stuff in Thamizh (generally people get it in English) which many people have appreciated. That wouldn't have been possible without you...!!!

    Thank you very very very much Mr. Viswanathan.

    With lots of Respect,

  • Mr. Ganesh Chandra, New Jersey
    Thanks a lot vishy. Azhagi worked like a charm. I was able to convert 108 text files (in Tscii) to Unicode in less than 1 minute. I was reluctant to convert them manually for the last 3 months. :) Conversion took place without any loss in encoding or letters.

  • Mr. Anselm T Francis, Dubai
    I am really impressed with 'Azhagi'.

    Recently, I translated our Vicariate of Arabia's Bishop's Lenten letter into Tamil and got it printed 10,000 copies and distributed to our less privileged brethren who cannot read or write English.

    I am thankful for this product which makes things so easy for me. You deserve the accolades & awards you have received. May God bless you with good health and long life to continue your good work.

  • Mr. Rajendran Ganesan, Chennai
    I am a serious blogger for nearly 2 years and at various points of time I tried different things to have some Tamil sentences in my blogs. I have asked for help from so many friends/forums but nothing was satisfying to me and didn't accept any of the solutions. Finally I stumbled upon your product through my brother-in-law and in one word - it is awesome - it is exactly what people want.

    It is simply applying "common sense" and most of the world successes are just by applying simple "common sense". Hats off to your team.

  • Mr. Valath, Kerala
    I am a Malayalam writer.

    I was looking for a Phonetic Malayalam typing software which can work with Microsoft word.

    I downloaded your software (Azhagi), which I found very easy to use. ... ... ... .. .. . I appreciate your effort.

  • Santhan Ayathurai, Jaffna, Srilanka
    It's a great service on your part and the software you have developed is fantastic. Hope to see my next book in print before the end of this year and to dedicate the same to you and AZHAGI together!

  • Mr. Ramkumar Ramaswamy, TN
    My mother works as a Tamil teacher. Since the day your 'Azhagi' arrived at our home, preparing question papers has become a very simple task.

    In preparing leaflefts for various programs, in writing dramas and printing dialogue sheets also, 'Azhagi' meets our needs in an extremely easy manner.

    We are obliged to convey our gratitude. Thank you so... much. This is a great service.

  • Mr. Sundar Krishnamurthy, Bangalore
    Thank you very much. You have saved a lot of my valuable time vide your 'Auto Transliteration' tool.

    The Lord Almighty shall reward you for this.

  • Mr. S Abdul Kadir, Singapore
    I congratulate you for your efforts in bringing Tamil as the "Living Language" forever.

    I wish Azhagi spreads its wings and becomes the most popular in every Tamilian's house.

  • Ms. Aruna, Jaipur
    Thanx for azhagi, ....It has made my tasks too simple. Otherwise, let me tell you what I normally do. ..... .... . That was a tedious task. Thanks again you made my work simpler.....

  • Mr. Bhoopalan Thatti, Chennai
    Hello, I am currently working as an assistant director to a debut director. ... Very recently I migrated myself from writing my scripts and screenplay to typing and saving them in computer. ... As I am very fond of my language, I always wanted to save my script and screenplay in Tamil only.

    Started using Azhagi now, and found this IS the software I was longing for. I wasn't aware of this software a year ago and I feel sorry about it, now.

  • Mr. Chellappan Kamarajan, New York
    It is so great and kind of you to provide a free version. I have started typing in Tamil for the first time (with much ease and fascination) using your elegant "Azhagi" program. My heartfelt thanks for your kind service and great innovation.

    I am overwhelmed with your generosity (not only for having provided a full version to me, but for your service to the Tamil community in general). I am motivated to do similar things in my personal and professional life. My blessings and best wishes for your achievements and happiness in your life...!

  • Mr. Rajasekaran
    My congratulations to the creator of azhagi! ... she is real beauty, sweet magician. I installed this software to type in tamil and to send articles, short stories to tamil magazines. This one is amazing, especially 'unicode editor'. Dual and Single screen options and phonetic feature are innovative and very useful features.

    I am already spreading the word. Thanks for bringing up such a software for my mother tongue.

  • Mr. Raghavan, Chennai
    It is as simple to use, as you use ready-made things. The software is excellent. To be frank with you, I was not using it earlier and after switching over to Azhagi, I realised I have missed it earlier.

  • Rev. Mr.S.M.Jothi Raj, Hyderabad
    (Note: This was posted originally in 'azhagi' yahoo group -
    I am in Hyderabad. Many of you who are in Tamil Nadu may not know how great work Brother Viswanathan has done for us all. Long back, there was only one Tamil Letter Press in Hyderabad with fewer fonts. We had to compromise with many things to get the things done in Hyderabad itself. Then later someone started an Offset Press with a part-time Tamil composer. He used to take his own time for the work and also used to charge more for pages and again with fewer fonts. Again, the printing charges too were very high. We suffered a lot when it comes to printing anything in Tamil. For big work, we used to send them to Tamil Nadu which took lots of trouble, time and spending.

    Now we do the whole thing with Azhagi at home. It became easy and very convenient. As I don't know perfect page making, I take this to my DTP man, sit with him one or two hours and finish the work. Printing can be done in any press.

    Brother Viswanathan has done a very great job to the Tamil Community which is away from Tamil Nadu, living in other parts of India and World.

    My prayers are always for him and with him in this great work for the people.

  • Mr. Ramesh Sadasivam, Chennai
    Greetings to the creators of Azhagi!

    Your software was very useful to me. Using Azhagi, I have typed and uploaded my songs on the divine in my blog. You have made Tamil typing very simple. Your efforts are laudable. My hearty congrats. I pray Lord Almighty that your service takes Tamil to the people, world over.


Testimonials are a source of inexpressible happiness/satisfaction for a creator but at the same time a source of that ever-to-be-eschewed 'sense of doership' too. But, testimonials do serve as catalysts for a creator to give more and more goodness# to the society by continuing to enhance his/her creation, even amidst all the obstacles and hardships. Reading the testimonials serve as catalysts to the users too - to explore the features of Azhagi/Azhagi+ as much as they can and thus reap as much benefits as they can (not just for themselves but for this society as a whole).

So, with "societal benefits" in mind, I have posted above a few samples out of the many appreciative e-mails I have received from various quarters, from around the globe - regarding Azhagi's and Azhagi+'s immense 'usefulness', ease of use, speed and unique/special features. All said and done, for everything related to Azhagi/Azhagi+, thanks to the Lord Almighty. To the Lord alone. For ever. I 'strive' to remain, as ever, an insignificant entity.

If you have anything to say/report about Azhagi/Azhagi+ (comments, remarks, criticisms, bugs, etc.), kindly mail to

Love all Serve all.

Kind regards

"ஒரு செயலை 'நான் செய்கிறேன்' என்ற மமதை எண்ணம் போய்விட்டால் அதுவே பகவானுக்கு நாம் செலுத்தும் நமஸ்காரம்தான்!" - மஹா பெரியவா

"We can be good, and can do good, only when we act and live in the exalted state which is bereft of the egoistic notion of actorship. Real good flows out of us, only when we have transcended the individual sense and have come to dwell in the supreme and universal consciousness of God." - Swami Ramdas