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"Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues, but the parent of all the others" - Cicero (106-43bc)
"Gratitude is the mother of all virtues" - G.K.Chesterton
"A noble person is mindful and thankful of the favours he receives from others" - The Buddha
"Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy." - Fred De Witt Van Amburgh

"யான் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெறுக இவ்வையகம்" - திருமூலர்

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Please note: Wherever the name 'Azhagi' appears below, it refers to all the freeware of - Azhagi+ (, Azhagi Android App ( and Classic Azhagi (oper.html).

Spread the news, Please
    If at all your time/interest/mood/situation permits, kindly choose to do, on a voluntary basis, one or more of all that I have listed below, plus every other extra possible act you can think of, for creating awareness for all the software which help one for Tamil/Indian/World language computing. I have provided a list of very many useful Indic software at

    In my past 20 years' experience (since 1999, as author of 'Azhagi' software), I have seen that though there are lakhs of users for Azhagi free apps, yet still there are 1000s and 1000s who are still not aware of 'language software and tools' in general, though they are very much in need of the same, for societally beneficial activities. Hence, your endeavour (in a totally non-obligatory manner) in spreading the news of Azhagi, Azhagi+ and all software of their kind would immensely benefit the global society.

You are a beneficiary, day in and day out
    I have observed that most people who do not use language software like 'Azhagi' do not take time to realise the 'extent and depth' to which language software are benefiting them (even if they themselves are not using such software) and the society, day in and day out.

    This is one of the reasons why people in general do not spread the news of language software like 'Azhagi', resulting in the lack of awareness of language software amongst those who very much need them. Yes, there are lakhs of people already using Azhagi and getting self-benefited (in various ways, incl. earning money too), in addition to helping the society. But, world is large. There are atill 1000s and 1000s who are not yet aware of Azhagi and/or its useful unique/special features, though they are in need of them.

    Many who are not using language software like 'Azhagi' are still, all the time, reaping the benefits of language software like 'Azhagi' in an extremely large manner but remaining completely unaware of the same. For them to realise the same, I request them to take time to reflect very deeply upon the umpteen walks of life in which language software are used in providing contents in one's local language (Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, etc.) resulting in immense benefit to the society:

    • right from the newspapers read in the morning,

    • to the divine slokas recited,

    • to the devotional songs heard,

    • to the spiritual stories read in Whatsapp,

    • to the inspiring quotes read in Facebook or Twitter,

    • to the spirited poems of poet Bharathi or others read in blogs,

    • to the emboldening film songs read in web sites,

    • to the cheerful jokes read in emails,

    • to the motivational books published,

    • to the huge translation works done,

    • to the informative videos viewed in YouTube,

    • to the college project materials done,

    • to the doctoral theses written,

    • to the variety of reading manuals readied in a variety of organisations,

    • to the various documents/agreements/deeds typed in dtp centers,

    • to the case files prepared in courts,

    • to the status reports generated in police stations,

    • to the umpteen RTI applications drafted,

    • to the awareness notices circulated,

    • to the school educational books printed,

    • to the banners put up in temples/institutions/exhibitions,

    • to the spiritual serials seen,

    • to the divine works published,

    • and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on.

    Hence, my very humble request is for my brothers/sisters to kindly consider doing "regularly" their 'little part' in spreading the news of language software also. In relation to my above request, I just share hereunder two (just two) out of the 100s of messages I receive from users, highlighting how language software benefit the society immensely:

    Thanks for all you have done to the society. Because of Azhagi, we are now at ease in communicating with farmers. It helped us a lot to transfer technical knowledge in English to Tamil with ease. Your work is commendable as we see more farmers understand and move closer towards technology if it is communicated in their language.
    - Jeypee Farm

    So, as you can see, even in the food you eat - every day of your life, language software play a crucial part. Thus, you can realise how even if you are not using Azhagi and if you do not have the need to use Azhagi ever after, still you are getting benefited by it both directly and indirectly.

    For yet another instance, please read maha-periyavaa.html to understand how Azhagi+ not only gives you healthy food for your body but it gives you nourishing food for your your mind and spirit as well (which you might have never realised, till this day).

    Actually, in this world and universe, everything is interconnected. One cannot ignore one beneficial thing for the other. Is it not? So, at least now, especially if you are already an user of Azhagi (that too for years together), if at all possible, if you wish to, then kindly choose to do, on a voluntary basis, one or more of all that I have listed below, plus every other extra possible act you can think of, for creating awareness for all the software (esp. the freeware) which help one for Tamil/Indian/World language computing, so that many more of the society (which includes you too) get benefited.

    Please note well that even now I am not telling that "you should". I am only saying "if at all possible", "if you wish to". :) Hope you got that right.

    For all that you have done in this regard already, thanks a lot. Hoping for more though, considering the vastitude of benefit to the society via language software. Please read this very humble request of mine, in this regard, and act accordingly.]

Very many simple ways - to spread the news
    1. Kindly spread the news of Azhagi free apps, at every possible opportunity, to as many as possible, in whatever ways (In person, Phone, Email, Facebook, Quora, Instagram, Whatsapp, YouTube videos, Twitter, Blog, Website, Google Group, Skype, etc.) you can, and request them to do the same.

    2. Please visit, view one or more videos on Azhagi+ therein and Like (i.e. UPVOTE) them (it hardly takes one second to do the same) so that many more of the society get enthused to watch those videos and thus get benefited immensely, in much the same way you have got benefited immensely so far, since 2000.

    3. If you are a regular user of Azhagi Android App, kindly give your 5* rating (with or without review) to Azhagi Android App at it's Google Play Store listing -

    4. Please see my societal request at tutorials-writeups-in-quora.html#a-kind-and-humble-request and do your level best to spread the news of as many Quora answers on Azhagi as possible, so that many more of the society get benefited.

    5. Please read my societal request at and do your level best to answer as many Quora questions (related to Indic computing) as possible so that many more of the society get benefited. There are so many questions in Quora (in English Quora, Tamil Quora, Hindi Quora, etc.) to which you can answer. For instances, you can answer these questions in Tamil Quora - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Or, you can answer these questions in English Quora - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Or, you can answer many many more such questions which I have consolidated and listed here

    6. If possible, become a member of Azhagi's Facebook Group OR follow Azhagi's Facebook Page.

    7. If you join Azhagi's Facebook group, kindly share your positive and happy experiences on how Azhagi proved useful to you and the society. For instance, see this post by Sri Seshardri Nadadhur sharing how supremely thrilled he was, using Azhagi.

    8. Share a Facebook Post made in Azhagi Facebook Group/Page. If you visit Azhagi's Facebook Group, you can find 100s of posts to share. You can share each and every one of those posts as they are all immensely useful to the society. For instances - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

    9. If possible, add new members to Azhagi's facebook group, from amongst your friends whom you think might be interested in Azhagi OR whom you think might realise their all-time indebtedness to Azhagi. This is one of the simplest acts you can do. For instance, see one such kind act by Sri Venkatesh Krishna here.

    10. Even if you are not an user of Azhagi and even if you do not have the need for using Azhagi or Azhagi+, if possible, kindly please download (esp. if you are a software professional) and see what they are and what all beneficial things they can accomplish. This will help you while spreading the news of Azhagi in a better manner.

    11. Opt to have your Facebook cover photo and/or profile picture as something which talks about Azhagi and it's features. For instance, see what Mr Muthusamy and Mr Rathakrishnan chose to do - here and here.

    12. Spread (esp. if you are a regular user of Azhagi and getting benefited from it immensely) the news of a Quora answer on Azhagi, in whatever way possible for you. If you visit my own Quora profile, you can find very many answers to spread. For instances, this answer on 'typing in Punjabi' OR this answer on 'typing in Tamil in STMZH fonts'.

    13. If possible, opt to have your WhatsApp Status as '' or '' accompanied by your own message on one of Azhagi's helpful features. A few users have done the same and thanks a lot to them.

    14. Share a Facebook post on Azhagi. If you visit Azhagi's Facebook Group, you can find very many posts to share. For instance, this post (in English) or this post (in Tamil).

    15. Tweet the article here (as it appeared in 'The Hindu' on Feb 21, 2013) on Azhagi/Azhagi+. To do the same, you can avail the 'SHARE' link at the top of the article.

    16. Give a link to as an auto-signature in your emails as some well-wishers of azhagi already do.

    17. Give a link to from your blog or suggest to the authors of blogs you regularly visit to do the same.

    18. Give a link to from your facebook page and suggest the same to others who have facebook accounts.

    19. In conferences and exhibitions related to Tamil and Indian language software, arrange to show a detailed demo of Azhagi+ and Azhagi to the visitors.

    20. If you are a press/tv reporter, have a report/mention/demo on 'Azhagi' in your newspaper/magazine/channel. For collecting info on Azhagi, please see the section marked as 'writeups' below. You can of course always write to me.

    21. If you are a radio jockey, you can announce about and talk about Azhagi during your shows, presentations, interviews, etc. It will help like anything to spread the news of Azhagi and its beneficial unique features so that many more the society get benefited rapidly.

    22. If you are someone writing proverbs, poems, short pieces of information, etc. in the notice boards of public parks, then kindly consider having a permanent mention* of in some prominent portion of the board.
      (*) For e.g., a statement like " - 100% free multilingual transliteration software".

    23. Give a link to from your website (please see for a sample).

    24. Give a link to from your online group or suggest to the owners of groups/forums you regularly visit to do the same.

    25. Have explanatory articles/demos on Azhagi in your own website or suggest to the editors of websites you regularly visit to do the same.

    26. Have a write-up in your company/college/school/web magazine on 'Azhagi'. For collecting info on Azhagi, please see the section marked as 'writeups' at the bottom.

    27. If you have written/compiled a book using Azhagi, you may please remember to express your earnest gratitude (to Azhagi, not to me [an insignificant NOTHING entity]) by prominently mentioning "" and "" in at least one of the pages in the book (in the foreword or thanksgiving page or wherever you feel apt). The '' page contains a list of almost all the software and online tools which help one for Tamil/Indian language computing and it will be of immense help to the users. Please, please, please be largehearted and kindly do this, for the benefit of the whole world society. Please.....

    28. Not only in the case of a Book (as above), but in every pamphlet, leaflet, booklet, souvenir, local newspaper/magazine, PowerPoint presentation, MS Word document, PDF, etc. etc. etc. - which you have prepared using Azhagi apps and are distributing to others - kindly please remember to express your earnest gratitude to, much in the same way as I have requested above in the case of a book. Kindly do this, for the benefit of the whole world society. Please.....

    29. A write-up on a specific useful feature of Azhagi in an online group or blog will do a great deal of good to the users. For e.g. please see this write-up on Azhagi's Auto-transliteration feature by Mr.Anthony at

    30. Have a write-up on 'Azhagi' in your website, blog, group, etc. For collecting info on 'Azhagi', please see the section marked as 'writeups' at the bottom.

    31. Write* an article in Wikipedia highlighting the various unique/useful features of Azhagi+ and/or Azhagi. Mention the links '' and '' in all appropriate wikipedia pages/articles. For e.g., in articles where Indian language software are mentioned or talked about.

      (*) This was accomplished by Mr.Dineshkumar in 2012, about whom I have written in ack.html.

    32. Write to me at - your comments, compliments, criticisms, suggestions, bug reports, etc.

    33. Get to know the history of Azhagi (Innovative, despite odds - a related story in The Hindu) if not known yet. You may also read one of my personal interviews, if not read yet.

    34. Forward a message you receive on Azhagi in any of the online groups you are member of, to as many as possible, so that many more get to benefit. The aforementioned message talks about Reverse transliteration feature of Azhagi and hence it will be of great help to the members of the various online groups to whom you can forward this message.

    35. Get to understand the naturalness of Azhagi's transliteration scheme (which helps one to transliterate easily and flexibly) and also Azhagi's other powerful and unique tools like Azhagi's Tamil Fonts Converter, SAT Transliteration, Auto Transliteration, Reverse Transliteration, Dual Screen Transliteration, etc - which are of immense benefit to the society - and kindly spread the news of the same to as many as possible, in whatever ways you can.

    36. One can effect easy transliteration in Hindi (Sanskrit, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Gujarati, etc.) too. The full features list of Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus) can be viewed here. The full features list of Azhagi can be viewed here. Step-by-step instructions on how to operate Azhagi+ and Azhagi can be read here and here respectively. Kindly spread the news of the aforementioned too, to as many as possible.

    37. Even if you cannot do anything of the above, at least see if you can register your all-time gratitude to Azhagi apps - somewhere, somehow - quoting this very page as reference OR even sharing a pdf of this very page as reference. Thanks. God bless you.


    For those of you who mail/phone me affectionately, conveying your deep wish to contribute to me monetarily and/or help me personally in any other way, please see contribute.html. Absolutely no money is asked therein. So, please visit and read.