How to publish books in Tamil?

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In this page, I have compiled the kind of questions writers usually ask me regarding publishing books written (or about to be written) by them in Tamil, using Azhagi/Azhagi+.

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I have only few Tamil fonts showing up in the fonts list of MS-Word. I am using 'SaiIndira' font. How to add other Tamil fonts also in MS-Word?

You can download 100s of free fonts (from freefonts.html) and install as many of them as you want, in your system. The installed fonts will show up in MS-Word and all other applications thereafter and you can type in them freely using Azhagi+.

I have an MS-Word file typed in SaiIndira font but when I take it to the press for printing, they say it is not visible in Tamil. What should I do?

Along with the MS-Word document, please take SaiIndira font also in your pen-drive or external hard disk. Ask the press people to install SaiIndira font in their computer system. Your MS-Word file will be visible in Tamil. If your press people say that the font is not getting installed, that installing the font may bring virus in their system, etc., etc., kindly look for another press.

I have an MS-Word file typed in SaiIndira font and converted to PDF but when I take it to the press for printing, they say it is not visible in Tamil. How come it happens so? PDF files are supposed to be readable in any system without the requirement of the document's font. Is it not so?

PDF files may not always be readable in all systems. It depends on the embedding rights present in the font. In the case of SaiIndira, when it was created first by it's great author, he missed to give the info regarding the embedding rights. By mistake, not intentionally. So, SaiIndira PDF documents will be readable by your press people only if they install SaiIndira font in their system. Even if you missed to carry 'SaiIndira' font with you, it is always available as a free download from freefonts.html. It also gets installed automatically if one installs classic 'Azhagi' from oper.html.

Is there any alternative to SaiIndira font while creating PDF documents?

Yes, ofcourse. You can create your documents using Tscu_SaiIndira (or) SaiEmbed-ForPdf font.

Can I not use any other fonts apart from the fonts mentioned above?

Of course, you can. You can create your MS-Word or PDF documents using ANY of the 100s of free fonts available for download from freefonts.html . Whenever your press people need to read your documents, provide them the free font for installation in their system. Or, ask them to download it from freefonts.html

The typed matters are in a MS Word file. When I give to the press, they say these fonts do not match with Page Maker or Corel Draw - most of the words display as ascii. Please tell me how to set right this problem.

After typing your Tamil contents in MS-Word, it is better to convert the Word document into a PDF document before giving to the press. The press should be able to print the PDF document directly. If they say they cannot, then they either do not have the know-how or they are just like that saying so for some reasons (details of which I am not going into, here). Actually, some of these press people are still sticking to PageMaker which is an old application. It's support for Unicode is not proper. That is why your MS-Word documents, if they are in Unicode (i.e. in Latha, Tscu_SaiIndira, Arial Unicode MS, Vijaya, Nirmala, etc.) are visible differently in PageMaker. PageMaker has been replaced by InDesign since many years but the press people still stick to PageMaker because of various reasons. Nothing one can do about this.

Why my documents in Unicode fonts do not get displayed in PageMaker or CorelDraw. Which fonts I can/should use to solve this problem.

InDesign is the successor to PageMaker. You can read all details about InDesign at Latest versions of InDesign do support Unicode fully. Please see pagemaker-photoshop.html wherein I have written which of these softwares (PageMaker, CorelDraw, InDesign) support which type of fonts well.

As you can see, for your needs, you have to start typing in Non-Unicode hereafter, since your press has PageMaker only and not InDesign. Your past Unicode contents can be converted to Non-Unicode if your press says they cannot handle Unicode documents. Converters are available at indic.html#fconverters.

Apart from SaiIndira, TamilBible, Bamini, etc., there are 100s of other Non-Unicode fonts too, particularly of TAB and TAM format. You can download/install them (from freefonts.html) and start typing in them too, using Azhagi+. PageMaker and CorelDraw will joyfully support all these fonts but your press men may still have difficulty because of lack of knowledge or for some other reasons.

My suggestion is for you to choose a set of 4 or 5 Non-Unicode fonts whose styles you like. Type some sample material in these fonts and give to the press people and get their feedback. If they complain on the fonts saying that they are not readable, etc., kindly change your press.

What is unicode? What is the difference between Unicode and Non-unicode?

Unicode is THE standard for now and the future. This has been so since many years. Unicode is THE font encoding which is used in internet, emails, whatsapp, etc. etc. etc. - to display contents in all world languages. Non-unicode is not used at all, as such, for internet correspondences. Though this has been so since many years, as far as press people are concerned, since they invested in PageMaker (which does not support Unicode properly) very many years back and since lots and lots of Non-Unicode fonts of those past years are still in vogue, Unicode fonts are almost not used by them at all.

To know all about Unicode, you can visit, if you wish to. I don't want to write anything more on Unicode here. Because, I think what all I have written above itself will take some time for one to read, assimilate and take action based on them.

I myself have PageMaker, InDesign, CorelDraw, etc. How can I type in Tamil in these Adobe/Corel products myself?

Please read pagemaker-photoshop.html. You have all the information you need to start typing seamlessly in Tamil in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, Corel's CorelDraw, etc.

Even after reading all of the above, I have certain more queries to clarify. What shall I do?

For any doubts on the above, always feel free to write in Azhagi's Facebook Group. I shall definitely answer, to the best extent possible. I shall also try to augment this page with additional information, if any, in future.

 Books typed, printed and published in Tamil using Azhagi/Azhagi+ 

Though there have been quite a few instances when users have informed me of having written their books using Azhagi, I feel the happiest when NOBLE books are typed/printed/published in Tamil, using Azhagi. In that respect, I have to share with you one instance (in 2015) which gave me immense satisfaction and happiness. It was when Mr. M. S. Ravikumar informed me how some existing books of a very great noble organisation like Radha Soami Satsang Beas have got translated into Tamil, typed using Azhagi, and published as books in the last few years. All thanks to the Lord Almighty.

Mr. Ravikumar came home in person in Nov 2015 (after LOTs of continued resistance## from me that he should not take the trouble to see a NOTHING entity like me) AND gave me a copy of all those abovementioned divine books. He also shared lots of divine stories for about 2 hours. Unforgettable divinely pleasant memories!

(##) Actually, since I kept on resisting, Mr Ravikumar finally informed me that he shall just place all those divine books at the doorsteps of my home (or with the security, if any) and leave. He felt that he was much obligated to give a copy of those books typed using Azhagi to me. Finally, this intended act of extreme 'Love & Humility' won. I yielded. Mr Ravikumar came home.