Tamil Fonts Converter

A "first of its kind" and extraordinary Tamil fonts converter. Among other exquisite features, Azhagi's converter can do conversion of formatted text too - directly inside 'MS Word' documents itself - thereby retaining all formatting - Bold/Italics/Underline, Color, Alignment, Tables, etc. etc. etc. - of all your Tamil text. The converter is extendable by the user himself/herself - to convert from ANY Tamil font encoding to ANY other Tamil font encoding. The Tamil font encodings supported by default (as on Feb 2020) are: Unicode, SaiIndira, TamilBible, Tscii, Bamini, TAM, TAB, Vanavil, Shreelipi, STMZH, LT-TM, SunTommy, Amudham, Ka, Diamond, Dci+Tml+Ismail, Gee_Tamil, ELCOT-Madurai, ELCOT-Bilingual, Shree, Mylai Plain, TACE, Elango

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For a very important help tip regarding 'disabling all autoformat and autocorrect options in MS-Word' (prior to effecting conversion, in certain cases), please read this facebook post

For demo videos, please see the following:
  • Tamil font encoding conversion for plain texts - Youtube Video

  • Tamil font encoding conversion for a whole MS Word document - Youtube Video

  • Tamil font encoding conversion for selected portion of an MS Word document - Youtube Video

  • Note: - In addition# to other things on Azhagi+, this video explains (from 8'55" to 10'40") a particular feature of Azhagi+'s Tamil Fonts Converter too - which is as to how to effect plain text Tamil fonts conversion (for e.g. 'Unicode to STMZH' Tamil font conversion).
    (#) The video primarily explains, in 'zoomed in' mode, the important aspects of Azhagi+, to help one to type in the widely used Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator applications, using the very popular STMZH and RGB Tamil fonts.
Thanks a TON to Sri Raguveeradayal for the first 3 videos above.

Sample Screenshots