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In 2004, in an interview given to a webzine, I had this to say. Requests from my users for a Tamil translation software OR an Indic voice recognition (speech to text) application OR Tamil OCR (printed text to editable text) program OR Tamil TTS (text to speech) engine OR ... OR ... have been existing ever since 2000 (year of Azhagi's inception) itself. For such users to get an understanding of what it takes to develop these innovative softwares (incl. the currently existing ones), and also as a sort of a detailed sequel to what I had opined in 2004, I compiled the following in 2007.

In my humble opinion, a few of the belowmentioned tools/softwares might have been available for mankind very many years back itself, but for certain factors. Please note that I said all these in an interview in 2004, more than 12 years back!!!!!!!!!! Has the situation changed? To an extent perhaps but largely the situation remains the same. In other words, most of the softwares (particularly the most-wanted ones like 'voice recognition', 'translation', etc.) which I have listed below have not become a reality yet, while the need for them have been existing since 2000 (and perhaps earlier) itself!!! I feel sad when I think that Indic computing has predominantly become synonymous with just Indic typing. Mere typing. And it has remained so over the past more than 20 years!!!

Much-needed innovations or enhancements in the "Language Computing" field
  1. Tamil Voice recognition (Tamil Speech to Text) software which can perfectly identify both male and female voices in different dialects. Much the same for all other languages.

  2. English to Tamil Translation; Tamil to English Translation. Much the same for all other languages.

  3. A sophisticated multi-dialect Tamil 'Text-2-Speech' engine with both male and female voice. Much the same for all other languages, so that text in any language can be read out perfectly, with 100% understandability, to the needy ones.

  4. OCR (Optical character recognition) softwares which are 100% perfect for all languages so that one can scan all printed material in any language and convert them to editable text ever so easily.

  5. Comprehensive Tamil-to-Tamil Dictionary with loads of sophisticated features - incl. wildcard search, voice (an advanced talking dictionary!), etc.

  6. Comprehensive English-to-Tamil Dictionary with very many sophisticated features.

  7. Comprehensive Tamil-to-English Dictionary with very many sophisticated features.

  8. Comprehensive Tamil Thesaurus with very many sophisticated features.

  9. Comprehensive Tamil Spellchecker operating from within all applications.

  10. Comprehensive Tamil Grammar Checker operating from within all applications.

  11. All of 5 to 10 for all languages.

  12. A software to type out text in any language by taking as input one's mental thoughts itself via brain waves (well, anything is possible!)

  13. Azhagi (or any such 'userfriendly' software, for that matter) in mobile phones and other similar gadgets in all languages so that user is able to input text quite easily.

  14. Azhagi (or any such 'userfriendly' software, for that matter) in Linux, MAC or any new Operating System (released in future by one or more entities) in all languages with all of the features as listed in the above points.

    . ... ....... .... and many more of the above kind ... ..... ..

Language softwares are of paramount importance in the current world scenario. And the value of certain of the above softwares for the physically challenged (sight-impaired, hearing-impaired, etc.) is immeasurable. No one can have a different opinion on this. And, that's the reason why certain established companies have been unleashing their tools in various world languages (incl. Indian languages) in the recent past, and not just in English.

But then, for developing/enhancing each one of the 'innovative' softwares (as listed above or currently existing), enormous amount of time and other resources (man, machine, money, etc.) are needed. And, resources are needed NOT only for development but also for testing, release, further enhancements, purchase of many other softwares for coding/testing in them, demos, awareness campaigns, advertisements, customer support, etc. etc. etc. In my humble opinion, all this is ideally possible only in a company environment (esp. if the company is an already established one worldwide) so that not only a product is developed and released but also it becomes globally known at the very earliest - i.e. the awareness/support of/for a released product is fast and immediate, so that the whole of the global society is benefitted by a product at the very earliest, at all times. And, if any established company has to do all of the aforesaid processes free of cost, double the resources might be needed for them.

In my humble opinion, a few of the abovementioned tools/softwares might have been available for mankind very many years back itself, but for certain factors. Well, in future, certain radical changes might take place whereby all these tools get created sooner than later, and available to the whole of the mankind - totally free of cost. It might happen. We have to wait and see. As for me, I am 100% sure that one day in the future, all the abovementioned stupendous softwares for language computing will be readily available at all times, free for all. Let this mankind wait until then, as it has waited for centuries together for various other discoveries and inventions. Think of electricity - how long this mankind had to wait for this precious invention!!!

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