Various other Indic software

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Other software
Herebelow, you can find various software and tools developed by various selfless individuals and also commercial enterprises who have given their level best for Indic computing (i.e. computing in Indian languages like Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Oriya, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc.) and it's promotion. You can also read my short or detailed comments/reviews on few of the software. In this connection, kindly please read spread.html to see what best you can do to spread the news of Azhagi/Azhagi+ and all software of their kind, for the benefit of the global society.

I take this opportunity to offer my very sincere and utmost appreciation and gratitude to all developers of beneficial software and people who serve humanity in general.

Important NOTE - Two(2) unique desktop freeware

If you have landed in this page straightaway, without knowing anything much about and it's free software, then please note that offers two unique and free indic software - Azhagi+ and Azhagi. Apart from being unique (easier+faster) while helping you to type in Tamil and other Indian languages (Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, etc.), both Azhagi+ and Azhagi possess various other useful, powerful and unique features too - click here to have a look at the power features of Azhagi+ and click here to see the power tools of Azhagi. Hence, kindly study ALL the features of both freeware and spread the news for the benefit of all. Further, Azhagi+ is regularly updated. You can click here to download the betas. A portable version of Azhagi+ is also available - click here to download the same.



Voice input (Speech-to-text) in Indian languages - Tamil, Hindi, etc.

    There are various apps available now, to help you effect voice recognition (i.e. to speak and type) - in very many world languages (incl. Indian languages). But, the first and best ones for it are Gboard and Google Translate apps. They do superb voice recognition for Tamil and 100s of other world languages. Absolutely fantastic. Try it to believe it.

    Actually, the abovementioned apps do much much much more than voice input. In effect, the Google Translate app does:
    • Voice input - i.e. you can speak and type OR effect speech-to-text

    • OCR (optical character recognition) - i.e. convert printed texts OR images to editable texts. The app can do OCR for even sheets of text written by you in your own handwriting, even those from the long past. It can instantly do OCR of texts in images, books, handwritten notebooks, web pages, etc. All you have to do is to scan them using your mobile's camera!!! That's all to it. And they will instantly get converted to editable text.

    • Translation

    • Phonetic typing

    • Text-to-speech - i.e. you can have the app read out your typed texts

    • Handwriting recognition - i.e. you can write with your hand in your language - as you do with paper and pen - and the corresponding text will appear in your screen

    • Reverse transliteration (e.g. Tamil to English)

    The range of features which Gboard offers (not just for system-wide [i.e. type everywhere] typing but otherwise too) really might be tempting for the users to try out Gboard, at least for languages other than Tamil^^. If you still hesitate to try it, kindly at least have a look at the awesome features Gboard offers, as hereunder (Source:, as on 2-September-2019), so that being aware of them, you can always inform the same to others who are in need of them.

    • Google Search built in — No more app switching; just search and share, right from your keyboard.

    • Glide Typing — Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter

    • Voice typing — Easily dictate text on the go

    • Handwriting — Write in cursive and printed letters

    • Search and share — Press the G to search and share anything from Google

    • Emoji Search — Find that emoji, faster

    • GIFs Search — Search and share GIFs for the perfect reaction.

    • Multilingual typing — No more switching between languages manually. Gboard will auto-correct and suggest from any of your enabled languages.

    • Google Translate — Translate as you type in the keyboard

    • Hundreds of language varieties, including: Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Assamese, Azerbaijani, Bavarian, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Burmese, Cebuano, Chhattisgarhi, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and others), Chittagonian, Czech, Deccan, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hausa, Hindi, Igbo, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish, Magahi, Maithili, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Northern Sotho, Odia, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Saraiki, Sindhi, Sinhala, Somali, Southern Sotho, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tswana, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Xhosa, Yoruba, Zulu, and many more!
      Visit for the full list of languages supported.

    • PRO TIPS:
      •  Gesture cursor control: Slide your finger across the space bar to move the cursor
      •  Gesture delete: Slide left from the delete key to quickly delete multiple words
      •  Make the number row always available (enable in Settings → Preferences → Number Row)
      •  Symbols hints: Show quick hints on your keys to access symbols with a long press (Settings → Preferences → Long press for symbols)
      •  One handed mode: On large screen phones, pin keyboard to the left or the right of the screen
      •  Themes: Choose your own theme, with or without key borders

    Apart from the above, there are features like Floating keyboard, Transparent keyboard, Clipboard history, Fast text-editing, etc. too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (^^) The several modes of typing - transliteration, voice input, glide, etc. - provided in Gboard - are NOT 100% perfect for Tamil yet (as of 2-Sep-2019), so as to have a seamless and error-free typing experience. I can say this only for Tamil, as it is my mother tongue. I do not know about other Indian/world languages. But, I still believe that Google will overcome this inadequacy (for Tamil) in the future and provide a seamless and 100% error-free solution. I wish they do it sooner than later, keeping in mind the immense benefits which will accrue to the society because of that.

    Along with the amazing Google Translate app, if Google can make the power-packed 'Gboard' app also available for free as an installable Desktop application (of course without the deficiencies pointed out above), operating in all operating systems, working across all the applications, without restrictions of any kind, nothing like it. Really. I will give my life-long salutes and prostrations to Google, from the very bottom of my heart. I think this WILL surely happen, sooner than later (at least in Chrome notebooks, to start with). If interested, you may please read inno.html and inno-help.html in this context. Thanks.

    Well, as requested in spread.html, if at all and when possible, kindly spread the news of the above astounding language tools from Google (too), as much as possible, in all possible ways, so that news of these apps reach people faster and people get benefited sooner than later (at the very earliest, ideally, as stated by me in inno.html)

Offline dictionaries for Tamil

  • Panacea Dreamweavers' Tamil-Tamil and English-English dictionaries, named 'Pulavan' and 'Paalam' resp. Few highlights of this software herebelow:

    • One can search using Phonetic input mode also (apart from Tamilnet99 and Typewriter input modes). The phonetic scheme employed is not same as that of Azhagi but for typing single words with the sole purpose of searching its meaning, I did not find this as a great deterrent.

    • One exquisite feature of this software is the option of syllabic search. This allows the user to search for words in which a particular syllable occurs anywhere in the word.

    • Whenever a particular word is not found in the dictionary, you can add it into the dictionary with your own meaning(s).

  • Palaniappa Brothers' PALS English-English-Tamil dictionary. There is no facility to search phonetically. So, I was unable to explore this software.
Great many thanks to the creators of the above dictionaries, which are the only two available offline Tamil dictionaries, as of now (26-4-2012).

Online dictionaries for Indian languages

  • EU Dict's English to Tamil and Tamil to English dictionaries. Best of the lot, in my assessment. These are such exhaustive dictionaries that for those who want "MORE", these would prove absolutely amazing. One can search on compound terms too (for e.g. direct access processing). Other features include display of 'Recent Searches', 'Alphabetic list', 'Related words in drop-down, as you type', etc. Please do check out the 'Next' link at the bottom of the table lists, if meanings and related words are more in number.

  • Thozhilnutpam's English - Tamil Dictionary. Brilliant! The author of this site has only contributed all the Tamil words you find in the above-listed dictionaries. The site has various sub-sections (e.g. Aviation, Cricket, Finance, Shipping, etc.) listed on the right side of the page. Clicking them, one can get meanings for words in one's interested field of interest. The author's home site is

  • - This is excellent too! Stupendous! Earlier (in Feb 2012 or so), I used to see lots of advertisements in this site. So, I did not suggest this site at the top of this section. But, as of now (Jan 2013), I do not see any advertisements. So, this is yet another best place for Tamil dictionaries - both English to Tamil and Tamil to English. In the home page of, I see online dictionaries offered by for other Indian and world languages (Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.) too.

  • Chennai University's English - Tamil Dictionary

  • Anna University's Agaraadhi (Beta)

  • Lifco's Tamil-Tamil-English Dictionary

  • J. P. Fabricius's Tamil and English search dictionary

  • Wiktionary English to Tamil Dictionary | Tamil to English Dictionary | Primary Index

  • There are many other indic online dictionaries too, like "", "", etc. etc. But, personally, I do not visit them often because of too many advertisements.
I wholeheartedly thank all those involved in the above dictionary projects - which look wonderful, to say the least.

Online Indic translators

  • Googles' English - Tamil Translator

  • Googles' Tamil - English Translator

  • Please note:
    a) The English-Tamil and Tamil-English translators are in Alpha stage (as on 7-7-11). So, way to go before they prove perfect to your needs.
    b) Apart from Tamil, Google's translators are available for Hindi, Telugu and many other world languages also.
    c) Well, as on 24-May-2017, I can very well say that the English-Tamil translator is in Beta stage. It is fair enough now. One can use it (more often than in 2011) and make changes in the Tamil translation wherever required. It still requires a lot of effort on your part but much better than what it was in 2011. I expect the English-Tamil and Tamil-English translators to improve much further in times to come.
Thanks a ton to all those (in Google) involved in bringing out the translation modules.

Free Tamil fonts converters

  • You do not need to look any further than AzhagiPlus's Tamil Fonts Converter tool. It is in-built into Azhagi and meets "ALL" your conversion needs. It has a special feature by which you can effect conversion of formatted texts directly inside MS-Word documents itself. And, it is extendable by the user himself/herself to effect conversion from ANY Tamil font encoding (not included in the 'Converter' by default) to ANY other Tamil font encoding. You will be greatly at ease using AzhagiPlus's Tamil Font Converter as it auto-detects the font encoding for the Tamil texts pasted in the conversion box and even sets a suitable Tamil font (if available in the system) for both the pasted and converted texts. You can access the in-built Tamil Fonts Converter in many ways. One of the ways is to click on the button captioned 'Font Encodings Converter' in the very opening screen of Azhagi+.

  • The converter available at is excellent. It does both NonUnicode->Unicode conversion and Unicode->NonUnicode conversion for around 36 Tamil fonts/encodings. The abovesaid page can be saved (as a webpage - just like you normally save other webpages) and accessed offline too.

  • The converter provided at is also very good as it does both NonUnicode->Unicode conversion and Unicode->NonUnicode conversion for around 20 Tamil fonts/encodings. It can be saved (as a webpage - just like you normally save other webpages) and accessed offline too.

  • The converter at is another very good one. It mainly does NonUnicode->Unicode conversion for around 20 Tamil fonts/encodings. It can be saved (as a webpage - just like you normally save other webpages) and accessed offline too.

  • NHM provides a Tamil fonts converter tool, which can be downloaded and used in offline mode. The same is available as an online service too - here. You can effect both NonUnicode->Unicode conversion and Unicode->NonUnicode conversion for a core set of popular fonts and font encodings.

  • Click here to reach a section below in this same page wherein I have listed some software of great use. Some of them do 'Tamil fonts conversion' - like NHM (already mentioned above), Higopi, MenTamizh and Elcot's converter. You can choose the one which meets your requirements. A converter is available here too, to convert specifically from senthamil font to Unicode.

  • If you are a beginner and need step-by-step help, I would suggest you to try the converter here first. The author of this page has adapted Suratha's wonderful conversion scripts but given step-by-step explanatory narrations which makes it easy for anybody to achieve their desired conversion fast and easy. The various Tamil font conversion modes available here are:

    • Convert from "Indoweb, Murasoli, Webulagam, Thinathanthi, Dinamani, Thinaboomi, Anjal, Thatstamil(LIBI), Amudham/Dinakaran, Mylai Vikatan(old), Tab, Tam(kumudam/vikatan), Bamini, TSC, Romanised, koeln, Anu Graphics (Pallavar), Nakkeeran(senthamiz)" to Unicode.

    • Convert from "Unicode" to Bamini, Tscii, TAB.

    • Convert from "Romanised" [i.e. transliterated text in English. e.g. 'anbe sivam'] to Bamini, Tscii, TAB.

    • Convert from "Bamini" to Tscii.

    Thanks to the developers of the above-cited Tamil fonts converters.

  • As far as classic Azhagi is concerned, it can only do Unicode to Tscii, Tscii to Unicode, Tscii to TAB and Unicode to TAB conversions. These converters are in-built into Azhagi. However, there is no need to use this as the in-built converter of Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus) is far move advanced, extendable to effect conversion from ANY Tamil font encoding to ANY other Tamil font encoding.

    • For 'Tscii to Unicode' and 'Unicode to Tscii' conversion, please click on 'File->Fonts Converter' and choose the appropriate ones from 'From' and 'To' list boxes. To paste Tscii or Unicode text into the upper box, copy the text from the source document and please press 'Ctrl+V' in the upper box. The text will appear in the upper box. And thereafter, you can press the 'Convert' button to get the conversion effected. The conversion will get effected within a few seconds. Once the conversion is over, select the full text in the lower box and press 'Ctrl+C' to copy the text so that you can paste it anywhere else.

    • Azhagi also has a sophisticated BULK converter for 'Tscii to Unicode' conversion. The bulk converter can convert multiple Tscii files (say 100s) into Unicode in quick time. To utilise this bulk converter, click on 'File->Convert to Unicode->Choose conversion mode before converting' and then click on 'Convert multiple files (Batch Process)'.

    • For 'Tscii to TAB' conversion, click on 'Tools->Convert Tamil text to TAB encoding'.

    • For 'Unicode to TAB' conversion, first convert your text to Tscii and paste the resulting text in Azhagi's Non-Unicode Editor. Then, click on 'Tools->Convert Tamil text to TAB encoding'.

Free Hindi fonts converters

This fantastic tool converts texts in Devanagari script (Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, etc.) in non-Unicode Hindi fonts (like AkrutiDevPriya, Chanakya, DV-TTGanesh, DV-TTSurekh, DV-TTYogesh, HTChanakya, Krutidev, Sahaj Two, Sangam Two, Saral, Shivaji, Shusha, Shweta Two, Walkman Chanakya) to Unicode text and vice versa. Only hitch is that there are some limitations (for instance, only 200 characters allowed per conversion attempt)

Free multi-language fonts converter

Thanks to Webdunia for this multi-language fonts converter. Texts in non-Unicode fonts (mainly of 'ShreeLipi' encoding) in different languages (Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu) can be converted to Unicode.

Free inter-language 'transliteration' converters

    A comprehensive converter for conversion between very many languages (Bengali, Burmese, Cambodian, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Tibetan, Thai, etc.), including Grantha. Excellent. Has ability to upload text files and convert them in bulk too. One can also convert entire websites by using the separate tool provided for that purpose. Android version also exists, as of Jan 2020. Get benefited through this stupendous tool. And, as of Jan 2020, apart from script conversion, Aksharamukha supports transliteration too in 10 languages.

    A FREE offline converter (portable, I believe) covering Devanagari, e-Grantha, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, etc. As far as I know, this is the only "offline" free software available as of now (11-May-2012) for doing inter-language 'transliteration' conversions. Additionally, Bhasha-Ime does transliteration also. For more details, please visit the site.

    Indic converter providing conversion between any of these languages - Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu. Very good, neat and easy. I found a few mistakes (as on 7-3-2012) though while converting from Malayalam to Tamil, etc. Sure the author will be correcting the same soon.

    Similar to the abovementioned learnsanskrit tool. Added advantage is that it's author Gopi (Mr.Gopalakrishnan) is very friendly and answers useful questions related to Indic computing through his forums.

    A neat tool to convert from various Indian languages (Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Oriya, Gujarati, Punjabi, etc.) into Tamil.

    A firefox addon, as such, to transliterate web page contents between following scripts - Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Diacritic, Roman.

    An indic transliteration conversion facility is available for use (vide 'Baraha Pad') if you download and install 'Baraha' software.

    Itranslator - a free utility from 'Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas' - to convert ITRANS 5.30 encoded text into Devanagari or Transliteration. ITRANS online is here -
Thanks to the above developers of Indic transliteration converters. Note: Inter-language transliteration-conversion tool is not available in Azhagi, as of now.

Free Tamil fonts - 100s of them - in various encodings

  • Click here to get more free Tamil fonts - 100s of them - in Tscii, Unicode, TAB, TAM and various other font encodings.
I take this opportunity to offer my sincere appreciation to all the developers of free Tamil fonts.

Free Unicode Indic fonts - 100s of them

  • Click here to get more free Indian language Unicode fonts - 100s of them.
Thanks to all the developers of free fonts for Indian languages.

Software and online tools for typing in various Indian languages

    AzhagiPlus and Classic Azhagi (for desktop), Azhagi (for Android) - 3 unique freeware. Please see to read about the unique features of Azhagi+, classic Azhagi and Azhagi Android App.
  • Free font conversion tools and inter-language transliteration tools - I have listed them separately, in this same page, here - and here -, respectively.

    Aksharamukha for Windows is here - It does both inter-language convesion (for around 90 languages/scripts) and transliteration for 10 languages/scripts, as of Jan 2020. The 10 languages for which transliteration can be effected are - Devanagari, Grantha, Kannada, Ranjana, Siddham, Sinhala, Tamil, Tamil (with full Grantha), Tirhutha (Maithili), Newa (Nepal Bhasa). I think Sri Vinodh Rajan will be expanding this list soon to cover all the (around 90)languages which are available in his monumental Script Converter. Please visit,, etc. for more details. And, please read this facebook post of mine on Aksharamukha without fail -

    An 'Indian Languages' Word processor - Since 2000. Recently (since 2010 or so, if I am right), it became commercial. As a free software until then (for 10 years!), I am sure lakhs of people (multilingual) must have got benefitted from Baraha (a single man Sheshadrivasu's very noble contribution). It has support for braille printing, as a special future.

    A free Tamil typing software, existing since 2001 or so.

  • |
    Friendly Gopi's free online Indian language transliterators, beautiful (converted)fonts, handy firefox plugins for indic computing, transliteration scripts for integration in websites, and many other tools. You can download his transliterators/converters and use them in offline mode too. Gopi's tools have been greatly beneficial to the society. For e.g., his Adhiyaman is a useful Tamil fonts converter; his UCedit - Godavari Telugu typing tool and other utilities are used by a broad spectrum of people.

    Naavi Tamil Sandhi Checker. This online tool is very "impressive". Particularly, after the results are displayed either in bold or in color, click such Tamil words/sentences for further explanations. The explanations are excellent with clear-cut grammar rules. Please see this screenshot for better understanding.

    Vaani Tamil Spell Checker (Beta). This online tool is good too. After the results are highlighted in color, hover the mouse over the colored Tamil words for suggestions. Please see this screenshot for better understanding.

  • - A very helpful resource for developing a 'Tamil Sandhi Checker' application. Thanks to Ms. Nithya

    'MenTamizh' Tamil word processor. This "commercial" application has indeed some very "nice" set of features (Tamil Spell Checker, Tamil Sandhi Checker, Tamil Dictionaries, etc.), including a 'very easy' and 'very fast' Tamil fonts converter. Quoting from an email received from Mr. Raguveeradayal, one of the members of Azhagi's google group, the font conversion works "just like converting English Arial font to Times New Roman --- just select the text, go to the fonts list and change the font -- that's all. The only thing is that the whole document gets converted even when only a portion of text is selected."

    A free Tamil (and other Indian languages) IME. Like Azhagi+, it also uses XML files but the info in the XML files is not straightforward (even as on 2017) for the user to understand, edit and modify.

  • R4U
    Quite a few free software for Tamil are available here. Free source codes are also available - here

  • PramukhIME
    Yet another FREE Indic IME. Cute, quite small and portable. When I tested it, the keymappings were not perfect for Tamil and it was not user-friendly. But, for other languages, Azhagi user Mr.Koteswar (from AndhraPradesh) wrote that it is quite good except that the keymappings are very difficult to remember and have to be referred quite often.

  • Basha IME
    One more free Indic IME. Portable, I believe. For more details, please visit the site.

    A free online editor. Helps you type in both phonetic and Tamil-typewriter modes.

    Microsoft's portal - a one'stop center for all information and resources related to Indic computing

    Indian Language Data Centre - Free fonts and tools for various Indian languages

    A free fonts converter tool from Elcot

    An utility to convert ITrans, RIT and Adhawin files. Free.

    A Tamil word processor which works in Mac platform also. Helps input Tamil in mobiles, ipods and similar devices too.

  • Shakti Office
    A Tamil and Hindi word processor.

    A free-form online transliterator for all major Indian languages. As far as Tamil is concerned, I found it extremely intelligent and very easy while typing certain words but could not type certain other words at all. Like Google, Quillpad also provides widgets (both free and commercial) for integrating it's transliterator into any website. - provides you a tool to help you type (vide transliteration) in Hindi in mobile phones. It is reported that support for other Indian languages also will be provided by it's developers very soon. To know more about Quillpad's developer and innovator Mr.Ram Prakash, click here

    Google's free online transliterator for various Indian languages. As far as I see it, it's based on a transliteration dictionary, fundamentally, and hence very user-friendly and fast. But, personally, as of now, I find this system very fast/friendly for typing out a few lines, but for large amounts of texts, editing (to correct mistakes in texts already typed out) becomes quite tedious. Nevertheless, for typing out a few sentences (as is the need for many in this busy world, for quick chats and email messages) online, it's great and can prove to be an extremely effective/handy tool. In the future, I expect/wish this tool to become 100% easy during editing also, and become more versatile (available for use in all applications in all OSes) so that many more get to benefit from this user-friendly tool.

    1. As of Aug 2009, SAT mode has been introduced in Azhagi, which is akin to Google's Indic Transliteration. For details, please see

    2. As of Jan 18 2010, I see that Google has extended its free online transliteration service to offline mode too. i.e. One can download (for free) and use google's transliterator to type directly in Tamil (and several other languages) in ANY Windows application. That's nice. I downloaded and tried out the IME(input method editor) immediately and it's excellent. The editing process is also less tedious than it was earlier (when tested with the online version). In fact, I see that Microsoft also has come out with a similar tool (free and advertised as beta) and it's here. I tried the same just a while ago and it is very good for typing. Compared to Google, it gives less Tamil equivalents for a word typed but seems to be more intelligent in choosing the best word amongst alternatives sometimes; the editing process is more tedious than that of google but I am sure this area will be improved/perfected in versions to come. Also, as newbies and other users get used to these "free-form transliterators", they may perhaps easily learn to type their original texts itself without mistakes and hence their later editing/correction needs might be less. Well, all said and done, the bottom-line is that it augurs well to see that both established companies Google and Microsoft have now come out with a transliterator, at last, that works in all applications, that too with many language options. This will spread the awareness of language transliterators amongst computer users at a mighty rapid pace and that's a heartening and great development indeed, benefitting the global society! I hope now that language translators, voice recognition software, etc. also will get developed sooner than later. In this context, please read inno.html and inno-help.html, if ever your time/interest permits.
I take this opportunity to offer my sincere appreciation to all the developers of software/tools for computing in various Indian languages. And, thanks to the editors of and - who have compiled their own comprehensive lists and hosted them for the benefit of all.

Mobile computing in Indian languages

  • Android 'Azhagi' - Do not miss out using it - Please see full details here. Azhagi is an extension of the 'Indic Keyboard' app about which I have written below in detail. The primary extension in Azhagi Android App is the inclusion of the 'அழகி - ஒலிபெயர்ப்பு' and 'Azhagi - Sourashtra - Transliteration1' keyboard layouts. To know about all the exciting features of Azhagi Android App, please read aa-feats.html
  • Indic Keyboard - for Android systems - OPEN SOURCE - for more than 20 world languages [Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Arabic, Burmese, etc.] with more than 50 keyboard layouts - you can install it from this page. I loved the 'predictive text' technology provided in this app for ALL the languages, including English. It has an underlying transliteration scheme for all langages. The scheme given for Tamil is almost the same as the 'UserDefinedPhonetics'** scheme (Alt+4) provided for Tamil in Azhagi+. Personally, I found this app to be the best of all the Indic apps for those who are already accustomed or who can get accustomed to the transliteration scheme used in this app. My "very detailed" review of this app is in this post of mine in Azhagi's Facebook Group. If interested, please read my post, use this app and get benefited.

    (**) This 'UserDefinedPhonetics' scheme, as long-time users of Azhagi would know, does not conform to Azhagi's original and unique Tamil Phonetic Transliteration scheme (existing since its inception in 2000 and the basis for the standard transliteration schemes for other languages introduced later). The 'UserDefinedPhonetics' scheme provided in 'Indic Keyboard' app however is much the same as the ones used in software like eKalappai or Android apps like Sellinam. So, those users can easily adapt to 'Indic Keyboard' app.

    Update (on 21-Nov-2015): After writing all of the above on 4-Nov-2015, three days back, by chance, I happened to read this blog post - - which tells how an individual, Mr. Jishnu Mohan, initiated the "Indic Keyboard" app, the difficulties he faced, how Google's open source OS & particularly it's open source LatinIME code was the foundation for the "Indic Keyboard" and much more.....
  • Indic Keyboard Gesture Typing - This is another version of the Indic Keyboard app. It has swiping feature added for some languages. That is a great addition. For more details, please see this page. My hearty salutes to Mr. Jishnu Mohan for his fantastic efforts (amidst various difficulties) in creating this app and it's parent version (Indic Keyboard).
  • Aksharamukha - for Android. This is primarily an inter-language transliteration tool (for around 90 languages) but supports transliteration input too (for 10 languages, as of Jan 2020). Get benefited through this stupendous tool.
  • Google Indic Keyboard - for Android systems - for more than 10 world languages [Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, etc.] - you can install it from this page. I liked the 'predictive text' technology provided in this app (along with transliteration) for ALL the languages, including English. It is quite versatile and easy to use. But, lack of an underlying transliteration scheme is a very very great drawback. So, personally, I find it suitable only for typing short texts (a sentence or two). For lengthy texts, you have to rely on 'Indic Keyboard' only, as of now, about which I have written just above. My "very detailed" review of this app is in this post of mine in Azhagi's Facebook Group. If interested, please read my post, use this app and get benefited.
  • PramukhIME Indic Keyboard - for Android systems - for around 20 Indian languages [Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam , Bengali, etc.] - you can install it from this page. It is based on transliteration and hence should be of help to many people to type in Indian languages. The availability of 'predictive text' would have made this app great. Waiting for the same (even as on 2-Jan-2016).
  • iPhrase - for iphones and ipads - for more than 20 languages [incl. Tamil and Hindi] - by Hilal Baig - you can install this app from this page. I do not have iphone, ipad, etc. So, I can rely only on feedback from my near/dear. With such feedback, it looks like this app is very good. It's Tamil transliteration scheme is akin to Azhagi's proprietary Tamil transliteration scheme and hence Azhagi users will find it very convenient. Only thing is that the Tamil (Hindi, etc.) word will appear only when you tap spacebar after typing the Tanglish (Hinglish, etc.) equivalent. Also, network connection is necessarily needed when you use iPhrase.
  • Google Keyboard - for Android systems - for more than 60 world languages [incl. Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali] - you can install it from this page. I loved the gesture typing, voice input, automatic correction of mistyped words and most of all the 'predictive text' suggestions while typing in English. Typing in other languages along with such a versatile English keyboard would perhaps make Google keyboard the first choice for some users. Strangely, for Tamil and Hindi, the Indian languages I tested out, the keyboards were not based on transliteration. So, I could not explore deeply as to how good the 'predictive text' suggestions for these languages are. To the extent I tested for Tamil, the predictive texts suggested were not that good.
  • Google Handwriting Input - for Android systems - for 82 languages [as of 18-04-2015] - you can install it from this page. Well, what to say! It is just incredibly good. I tried it yesterday (17-04-2015) for English and Tamil and I loved it like anything. It is fantastic. You can even try writing very casually (just as you would write fast with pen in a notebook). An extremely useful product. It is sure to enthuse people who have long stopped writing anything at all (or write only sparingly) to start writing again. I am also sure it will enthuse many people who do not know to write in a particular language to learn writing now so that they can use this product to type in that particular langage in their android phones and tablets. It may still not be someone's cup of tea (just as it is with any other product) but the purpose of my review is not about that at all. It is all about my own awe and admiration on the immense greatness of this product and it's extreme usefulness for times to come. I am happy that whatever I aspired in more than a decade ago is slowly and steadily becoming a reality. That's the way to go.

    Note: Yesterday, while thinking for a while on the various methodologies that might have been used to develop this tool, I thought if I write the characters in reverse, that might give me a clue. So, today (18-4-2015), just a while ago, I tried typing some Tamil characters in reverse. For e.g. I tried writing 'ற' in reverse. i.e. I wrote 'ற' starting from it's final point and then moving to it's initial point. I typed 'உ' starting from the end point and then moving to the initial point. The results were different (i.e. correct characters were not printed). The results were different while I typed some English characters too. For e.g. 'Z'. So, my guess (may or may not be right) is that this wonderful and immensely useful tool is based on strokes used in typing various characters.

  • Google Translate - for Android systems - you can install it from this page. This is a super-duper-fantastic app. The ultimate. I have written about this in detail under the TTS section.

  • Sparsh Indian keyboard - for Android systems - you can install it from this Google play page. Developer of this App can be reached at this site. As per developer, following keyboards are supported with dictionary support: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, English.

  • Swype - Free "TRIAL" download link for Android available in this page - this page also mentions the status of support for other platforms. Swype supports very many world languages (including some Indian languages - Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, etc.) - you can see the full list here. Swype possesses certain interesting and very advantageous features - you can read them all by visiting this page and clicking the various links therein - esp.

  • MyAlpha multilingual keyboard - for Android systems - you can install it from this Google play page. As per developer, very many world languages' keyboards are supported, including Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, etc., etc.

  • Sellinam for Android - only for Tamil. I presume Sellinam is an extension of Google's open source Latin IME. As far as 'Azhagi' users are concerned, Sellinam would satisfy the needs of only those who are used to the 'UserDefinedPhonetics'^^ scheme provided in Azhagi.

    (^^) This 'UserDefinedPhonetics' scheme, as long-time users of Azhagi would know, does not conform to Azhagi's original and unique Tamil Phonetic Transliteration scheme (existing since its inception in 2000 and the basis for the standard transliteration schemes for other languages introduced later).

  •'s Android TamilVisai - an open source product. Release news at this page of Application download at this page. As per the 'release news' page, Android TamilVisai can input Tamil in any of the Android applications, it supports all Android versions, it supports phonetic keyboard, it shows live preview to see the text typed in tamil.

  • This page talks about 3 FREE methods to send SMS in Tamil. One of the free methods explains 'how to use Azhagi to send SMS'. Kindly have a look. I have not tried this out personally, myself. You can also have a look at this page of Ravi's. It has details and links to various aspects of mobile computing in Tamil.

  • An open source product ucscSellinam - product home page here - for sending SMS in Tamil using your mobile. The site has detailed info pages on:

    • How to download the ucscSellinam application to your phone

    • Requirements to use the ucscSellinam Tamil SMS application

    • Mobile phone compatibility matrix

    The site also hosts a FAQ section.

  • There are also commercial solutions available for SMS in Tamil or more generally speaking 'mobile computing in Indian languages like Hindi, etc.'. e.g. panini keypad and quillpad mobile . These sites have detailed information on the features of their products.

  •'s 'iPhone Tamil Calendar' - A commercial application. Details at
Great many thanks to the developers of the above software.

In desktop - Indic typing in WhatsApp

  • So many do not know that one can use WhatsApp in desktop/laptop itself. Thus they miss out on their productivity and very many other nice features, particularly the facility to type (and that too large amounts of text, rapidly) in Indic languages in WhatsApp from one's desktop/laptop itself. So, I put up this page in

'Learn Tamil' tools

I offer my deep gratitude to Mr.Pollachi Nasan (Editor, for his above single-handed efforts in providing such excellent tools on learning/teaching Tamil.

'Learn Tamil' blog

Very many thanks for ever to the author of the 'learning-tamil' blog - particularly, you can find various Tamil learning resources in the 2nd link above.

Learn English through Tamil

One has to profusely thank the author of 'aangilam' blog for his unique and very useful service.

Learn PROGRAMMING in Tamil!!!!!

Learn HTML in Tamil

  • There are lots of HTML tutorials in English. But, the tutorial available here in is in Tamil (in 7 lucid parts) and moreover, it teaches HTML in a style (akin to teaching 'a, b, c, d' to children) which any layman/laywoman can easily understand and start creating html pages within minutes.

  • Kindly see Mr. Thangam palani's html tutorial pages also. Newly started on Mar 2012. Many lessons. Quite detailed. In lucid Tamil. Quite useful.

    Note: As of 27-Apr-2014, I see that Mr. Palani's site '' is not reachable. Hence, the above-referenced link will take you to one of his site's archived pages only. Thanks a TON to, not only for maintaining the archived pages of techthangam site but for maintaining the archived pages of 1000s and 1000s of many other websites which are either not reachable now or have changed in contents/design a lot.
I immensely thank (Late) Sri. Umar and Mr. Thangam Palani for the above wonderful and exceedingly worthy contribution which many of our sisters and brothers who aspire to create html pages will find extremely useful. I appreciate Mr. Thangam Palani's note of thankfulness (even for a very small link given by me) for his attitude because it is said "Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others".

Thirukkural online

There might be many online sites available offering Thirukkurals with their meanings but Gokulnath's site (a very neat design and presentation) is definitely worth seeing, esp. for it's very versatile and well thought-out 'search' functionality.

தமிழ் காவியத் தேடல்

Please read this page to learn details on how the above lofty work got evolved. Hearty thanks to Sri. Sundaram Balasubramanian and all those who were involved (in one way or other) in this unique work. However, as of 21-10-2015, I see sporadic spelling mistakes in pages. I sincerely wish they get corrected in future.

Project Madurai

Tamil prosody analyzer

What an original idea! What a software! Will be immensely useful and will be a great cup of joy for all who write Tamil classical poems. Thanks indeed to Sri.Vinodh Rajan, the author of this software.

Learn Grantha | Grantha fonts and software

Thanks to energetic young man, Sri.Vinodh Rajan, for his sincere efforts.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) software

  • - Google Translator - The bestEST tool for text-to-speech I have seen so far. Try it to believe it. After copy/paste of your Tamil text in the left text area, click the "Speaker" icon at the bottom (the one to the right of the "Mike" icon) and you can have your text read out to you clearly and beautifully. I have tried it only for Tamil but I am sure it should be equally good for other languages too. Google have been providing and improving these tools (with addition of various languages) since 2012 or so. In the same screen, you can do voice input (i.e. speak and type) too, by clicking the 'mike' icon. It is super cool. The reverse transliterated text is also shown at the bottom. Please see screenshot below for better understanding.

    This fantastic tool is of course available for mobile devices too - at Apart from text-2-speech, the Google Translate mobile app can do speech-to-text (i.e. speak and type your text), OCR (i.e. optical character recognition - printed text to editable text - it can do OCR for even sheets of text written by you in your own handwriting, even those from the long past) and handwriting recognition (i.e. you can write with your hand in your language - as you do with paper and pen - and the corresponding text will appear in your screen) too. Quite a versatile and such an ammmmmmazingly fascinating app. Kudos to the team involved in the evolution of this tremendous app. The app does the job pretty well (in all fronts) for Tamil but for other languages, you need to experiment yourself.

  • - Bing Microsoft Translator. Apart from being a translator (at beta stage, like Google's), this serves as a text-to-speech tool too. It is as good as Google's text-to-speech tool (which I have explained above).


  • - eSpeak - Open source software. - NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) - 100% free software.
    NVDA itself is bundled with the above "eSpeak" multilingual speech synthesizer, as of 2014. What is special about NVDA is how it got authored by two severely sight impaired noble souls. The touching story is here. You can operate NVDA in portable mode. For regular day-to-day use, specifically considering the visually impaired alone, I think this is perhaps the best tool for desktop, as you can download and use it. In fact, I have received emails (some years back though) to this effect from one visually impaired brother from Senkottai (TamilNadu, India) and also from a brother (Mr. Raju) who is helping out the visually impaired in various ways.

Immense thanks should go to the above for the initiative taken in a 'special' area. The value of the above tools for educational presentations (and kind) and especially their help for the visually impaired is immeasurable. Collectively, these tools perform text-to-speech conversion for Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and several other world languages.

Out of the above, I found the Microsoft tool to be very good (with respect to nativity) but when it comes to smoothness of delivery, Google is top-class. For my "past" (quite old) personal experience with the software other than Google's and Microsoft's (except NVDA, on which I have briefly given my views under its link itself, as you can read above), kindly visit My observations/notes might be of help to you or some other needy person whom you know. Regarding Azhagi's initiative in Tamil 'Text 2 Speech', since 2001, please see

Please note that some of my observations above as "best", "very good", etc. are specifically keeping in mind the visually impaired, for whom the above software are like divine boons, at any point of time. So, if you are a normal person, and if you are not that greatly satisfied with the above tools with respect to any aspect (voice, clarity, nativity, etc., etc., etc.), kindly do not message me stating the same and enquiring me about the availability of any other better software for TTS. I am not aware of any, as of now (August 2019), as far as Tamil is concerned. If you are aware of better TTS software (not necessarily for Tamil, but for any Indian language), kindly let me know. If you wish to write me anything else on TTS, kindly please read my related pages inno.html and inno-help.html, beforehand.

Tamil (Sanskrit, etc.) OCR

As far as I know, there is no 100% successful OCR for Indian languages. Still, you can try out the above, if you wish to, particularly Google's OCR tools (mentioned in Azhagi's facebook group post) because I see that they seem to be 90% successful, which is more than enough in my opinion, in the persent scenario. And, I am sure they will become 100% accurate soon.

Bhagavad Gita in Tamil

Thanks in tons to the editors of (which announces itself as a 'Tamil website for Sanskrit') for the above wonderful endeavour.

Mahabharatham in Tamil

  • - A beautiful contribution from Sri Viswalinga Surya (known to his friends as Sarva Praharanayuthan). Such a devoted work from Sri Viswalinga Surya! God bless him. We can only expect such loving devotional work from him, as he himself is an immensely loving, lovable and helpful person.
Thanks in tons to Sri Viswalinga Surya. The coming generations will feel benefited by his wonderful contribution, once when it is completed fully.

Please note

Out of goodwill, I have listed the above information about 'software'* developed by other entities. Otherwise, whether any of the above 'software' is still free or not (OR) how any of the above 'software' exactly function (OR) whether the above 'software' function accurately or error-free, etc. etc. is entirely under the control of the respective authors only. I, personally, do not have any indepth idea of the various aspects of the other 'software'. As such, you can consider that I have just shared some information on other 'software'. That is all. So, use of any of the above 'software' is entirely upto your discretion. In other words, it is absolutely at your own risk to download/install/try/use any of the other 'software'. Also, please note that links to any of the above 'software' were valid links at the time of my mentioning them first in this page only. Whether these links remain valid all the time thereafter is not under my control, naturally. For my part, I do check the correctness of some of these links randomly, once in a while.
(*) 'software' means ALL of the 'software/tools/utilities/etc.' (developed by other entities), which I have listed above in this page.

Spread the News

In the context of all that you can find/read above, please read my message posted in 'Azhagi' google and yahoo group on Jul 31 2009 and Aug 1 2009 resp. I have slightly edited the copy of the message below, as of Jan 2017.

Group message sources:

Dear Friends,

Warm greetings!

As and when your time/interest permits, kindly please have a look at I have done whatever best possible by me (as of now) for spreading awareness of ALL software/tools available for computing in Tamil and other Indian languages, with links to all of them. This is apart from informing about them to others through personal mails, phone calls, etc. too, as ever.

It's my thanksgiving and 'awareness-spreading' page for ALL available software/tools (both commercial and non-commercial) so that many more get to benefit by using these software/tools, since, in my past 16 years' experience as the author of Azhagi's 3 different freeware, I have seen that 1000s and 1000s are not yet aware of such software/tools, though they are in need of the same.

A link ( Other Software | Tools ) for the aforesaid 'indic.html' page has been given at the top right of website and also from within Azhagi software itself. i.e. every visitor of or user of 'azhagi' software has ready access to all software/tools available for Indian language computing.

I have written/mentioned about the abovesaid 'indic.html' page in some of my earlier mails also. But, not sure whether everybody would have read them. Also, new members perhaps may not have read those mails. Hence, I have written again. Thanks, for sparing your valuable time.

If possible and if your time/interest permits, kindly spread the news of the abovementioned software/tools in the best way possible for you...

With sincere prayers for the welfare of all beings...

Love all Serve all

Kind Regards
B.Viswanathan, Author (Azhagi -

Inventions/Innovations | Help for inventions/innovations

In 2004, in an interview given to a webzine, I had this to say. User requests for a Tamil translator or a Voice recognition software or Azhagi in Linux/MAC or ... or ... or ... have been existing ever since 2000 itself. For those users to get an understanding on what it takes to develop these software and also as a sort of a detailed sequel to what I had opined in 2004, I compiled inno.html and inno-help.html. If interested, you may read it.

"When you move your focus from competition to contribution, life becomes a celebration. Never try to defeat people, just win their hearts." - Anonymous