How to type in Hindi using Azhagi+

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My most humble and hearty thanks to my golden-hearted Sathiamoorthy Sir (82 years old!!!), from the very bottom of my heart, for creating the PDF file hereunder in Hindi, so that more and more of the society can get benefited by using Azhagi+. This PDF file which you are viewing hereunder can be downloaded as an MS Word document too - here.

If you have any related queries, you can watch this video (narration is in English though) OR read the loads of help resources available here (all in English or Tamil only though). Please note that I do not understand Hindi fully well. So, any queries you post have to be in English only. Kindly please post your queries after reading my announcement here. Thanks.

Prayers and Kind Regards - Viswanathan

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NOTE: Notwithstanding the above PDF, I wish to provide hereunder, user and well-wisher Sri Koteswar's PDF also (written in Hindi) since Sri Koteswar has mentioned about some of the special/unique features of AzhagiPlus in them - viz. the facility to operate Azhagi+ from a pen-drive itself, the facility to change existing key mappings for any language, the facility to create one's own keyboard layout, the facility to change any hotkey at any time according to one's preference, etc. Though this particular PDF was created in 2015 itself, it still is helpful because of the valuable additional info it provides. So, if interested, you can read this PDF also and get benefited.

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: View the PDF.