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Solution for 'Automatic Pulli' problem in MS-Word

Steps and suggestions - given by Sr. L. Purushothaman (via his email dt. Feb 6, 2015), to solve the 'Automatic Pulli' problem in MS-Word (while typing in Unicode Tamil) caused by 'Sequence Checking' option of MS-Word.

[1] Open MSWord 2007.

[2] Place the cursor on the [?] mark at the right extreme end of the Menu Bar (Menu for particular Window) below top Tittle Bar.

[3] Right click on the [?] mark.

[4] A popup window opens with 4 commands.

[5] In that, Left Click the second command below “Customize Quick Access Toolbar”. A Word Option Page opens.

[6] In that page, below the Tittle “Word Options”, a list is displayed. In the list, Left Click on the *Advanced* option. “Editing Option” Window is displayed.

[7] In that “Editing Option” Window, Uncheck (or remove the check) “use Sequence Checking” command in the left side box.

[8] Go down to the right side below the page and click OK without fail. Then only the function will be activated. Then close the page.

[9] I typed Tamil in TSCu_SaiIndira font of Azhagi and the typing was tension free now. Also saved time in typing.