Free Software (Those which I use)

  • I, the author of 'Azhagi' freeware products initiated this web page on 27-May-2017.
  • Apart from my own free products (Azhagi+, Azhagi Android App, Classic Azhagi), I use a lot of other free software.
  • What you find hereunder, as of May 2017, is a subset of the other freeware (free software) I use.
  • As and when time permits, I will keep adding to the list below.
  • Wherever you find a "(p)" written after a software's name, it means it has a portable version.
  • Please note that your use of the following free software* is entirely up to your own discretion. I have listed out the following just to share with you all what all free software benefited me (some of them for very many years together) and still benefiting me. Whether they will benefit you also or whether they will work for you also as well as they worked in my system - I obviously cannot guarantee. In other words, it is absolutely at your own risk to download/install/try/use any of the software* listed below.
    (*) 'software' means ALL of the 'software/tools/utilities/etc.', which I have listed below in this page.
Freeware (free software) that I use
NirSoft (p) A plethora of free software from one single person! What a man Nir Sofer is! 'Monumental' is a small word, when it comes to describe Nir Sofer's efforts. His efforts are at a completely different level, altogether. Most of his software are portable and they are quite small too! Kudos and unlimited thanks to Nir Sofer - ever, ever, ever. Free Launch Bar This is one of the first programs I install in any new Windows system. This program's features should have been a part of every Windows OS, in my opinion. With Free Launchbar giving you company, you never need any icon sitting on your desktop. You can have a clean desktop with your favorite wallpaper on it, always. :) Flash Folder What can I say about this GEM! Again, this should have been part of every Windows OS. Probably MS has its own reasons for not including applications like this, 'Free Launchbar', Ditto, Clover, QtTabBar, etc. as default features in its operating systems. Well, Flash Folder is a small toolbar which docks onto the top of every open/save dialog providing menus for quick access to all your favorite folders, recently acccessed folders, currently open folders and more. There is no alternative I have found which is as good as Flash Folder. Very Important NOTE: While the download link in the official home page of Flash Folder works only upto WinXP, the downloads in this page work in Win7 too. Please look for Tim De Baets' forum message dated 2017-01-13 in this page. You can find the download links in that message. Reading the messages (from other forum members) in yet another page, I see that Flash Folder works well in Windows 8 and Windows 10 too. Clover Clover makes your Windows Explorer look and work much the same way (with tabs) as Google Chrome browser and hence it is another must-have for me. It is buggy in the sense that it randomly crashes but then there are no reliable alternatives as of now and so I live it. QtTabBar, an absolutely fabulous application, which I used to have in WinXP does not work well with Windows7. Otherwise, I would vote QtTabBar as the best ever 'explorer replacement' software. Taskbar Shuffle Taskbar Shuffle helps you rearrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar, as well as the icons in your system tray, by just dragging and dropping them. Contray to what the author says in his web page, I have been using Taskbar Shuffle in Windows7 too! Master Seeker (p) Lightning fast files searcher. No indexing in background. The best! Can't imagine using any system without it! Ditto (p) Keeps track of all your past copy/paste (even file copy/paste!) so that you can retrieve them at any point of time in the future. Should have been a feature of all MS operating systems' clipboard, in my opinion. Phrase Express (p) One of the best productivity tools. Types out 100s of oft-repeated phrases (even very lengthy ones) for you, when all that you need to do is to type a few letters. For example, just typing '=r2' can make PhraseExpress to auto-type (rapidly, of course) 4 paragraphs of an oft-repeated text for you. This one application has saved a LOTTTTT of time for me! Great many thanks to this software's authors. WinMerge (p) File comparison tool - I cannot say in words how much I have got benefitted through this gem of an application. ToDoList (p), An awesome product! Tried so many of its kind before settling with ToDoList (for ever). Easy, versatile and "LOADED" with features - it has tree structure on the left, tabs on the top, checkboxes for tasks, rich text editor for all your notes, Gantt Chart, Calendar, detailed scheduling/tracking and what not! HW Monitor (p) I click open it once in a while to check whether my system is operating within normal temperature levels. DS Clock Super sleek clock. You can customise it the way you want (even as a single line of text - draggable and kept floating on top - anywhere on your screen - even in your taskbar or system tray). Try it and you will not leave it! WordWeb Fast and quick dictionary reference tool! Have been using it since 2000 or so! The Sage Better than Wordweb's free version. It allows wild card searchers, etc. Mini Reminder The simplest and most effective reminder program - if you need one for remembering birthdays alone. Inno Setup The best free installer (setup.exe creation) program. Period. VBScroll (p) Pretty useful is you are a VB6 application developer Moo0 Windows Menu Plus It has quite a few interesting features (incl. 'iconizing any application's window to tray) which you can explore once you install it. PMeter A scale for measuring your windows screen items, checking out alignment of GUI items, etc. eCleaner (p) Very useful, if one wishes to quickly remove all those ">>" (and kind) from email messages. CCleaner (p) The best when it comes to clean your system thoroughly and safely. Easy File Locker For me, no other software does what Easy File Locker does in a more simpler and effective manner. Team Viewer (p) You can easily view/operate another remote computer and vice-versa. FBackup For me, this turned out to be the best freeware for backing up a select set of files and folders. Notepad++ (p) Much much more than the Notepad I use. Love it. Video2Video (p) Simple, fast and effective video/audio converter Agent Ransack It can not only find files but search for texts inside files and show them up. Very fast and the text found inside files is highlighted. PDFill PDF Tools You do not need any software other than this for most of your common operations (split, merge, reorder, images2pdf, pdf2images, etc., etc.) on PDF files. PDF-XChange Viewer (renamed as PDF-Xchange Editor in 2016 or so) My favorite PDF reader. It has an OCR tool inbuilt through which you can convert scanned documents into editable texts. Extremely useful. 7-Zip (p) The best zipper! You can encrypt your zip files too. Pixie (p) Handy tool to find the color (and co-ordinates too) of any spot of your screen. It has a magnifier too. All in a very compact tool. VLC media player (p) This will play just about any audio or video. So good. Please note
Out of goodwill, I have listed the above information about 'software'* developed by other entities. Otherwise, whether any of the above 'software' is still free or not (OR) how different versions of the above 'software' exactly function (OR) whether all versions of the above 'software' function accurately or error-free at all times, etc. etc. is entirely under the control of the respective authors only. So, use of any of the above 'software' is entirely upto your discretion. In other words, it is absolutely at your own risk to download/install/try/use any of the above-listed 'software'. Also, please note that links to any of the above 'software' were valid links at the time of my mentioning them first in this page only. Whether these links remain valid all the time thereafter is not under my control, naturally. For my part, I do check the correctness of some of these links randomly, once in a while. (*) 'software' means ALL of the 'software/tools/utilities/etc.' (developed by other entities), which I have listed above in this page.