'Azhagi' Android App - Privacy Policy

No data is collected

  • Azhagi Android App does not collect any data from your Android device. It does access* and handle some data (for instance, your contacts) for it's own use**, to facilitate better user-experience, but does not collect and/or transmit that data either to me (the author of 'Azhagi' Android App) or the servers of (the website which hosts details on 'Azhagi' Android App) or to any other entity.

  • (*) To know what kind of data is accessed, visit Azhagi app's product page at Google Play Store. Therein, in 'ADDITIONAL INFORMATION' section, click on 'View details' under 'Permissions'.

    (**) For instance, if you have a contact named 'Govindasamy' in your contacts list, Azhagi app can suggest that name in the 'suggestions' bar even as you have completed typing only a few letters from that name (e.g. 'Govind'), thus facilitating easy/quick typing experience for you.
  • This page was last updated on June 1, 2017. The contents of this page are subject to changes, periodically, depending on various factors.
  • If you have any questions regarding the above information, you can email me. My email contacts are at contacts.html. Thanks.