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Home of Azhagi - your friendliest transliteration software - for Windows and Android. 

Easy typing / transliteration in Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Arabic, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, Sourashtra, Grantha, Kashmiri, Sinhalese, Burmese, etc.

And, MUCH MORE.....

Change existing key mappings, Create your own keyboard layouts, transliterate in 'ANY Tamil font, ANY Tamil font encoding', transliterate / type in ANY world language (in any font encoding, any keyboard layout), etc.
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If possible, kindly please join the group so that I can answer all your queries therein. This is a very humble request from me, the author of Azhagi/Azhagi+.
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Azhagi has lakhs of individual and professional users (lawyers, doctors, teachers, students, book-writers, translators, website builders, singers, composers, directors, screenplay writers, meme creators, multimedia developers, videographers, etc.) around the world. This apart, Azhagi has been and is being used in hundreds of different kinds of organisational entities - commercial establishments, dtp shops, publishing centers, associations, schools, institutions, hospitals, temples, churches, government offices, NGOs, NPOs, etc. A "few" of them are listed below:
  • Tamil DD Podhigai, Chennai.
  • Rane (Madras) Ltd., Chennai.
  • Southern Railway PRO, Trichy.
  • Coimbatore Capital Ltd., Coimbatore.
  • Caterpillar India Private Ltd., Singapore.
  • Reynolds Pens India Pvt. Ltd., Kanchipuram.
  • Larsen & Toubro (LTM Business Unit), Chennai.
  • Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd., Chennai.
  • AIR & DD [Office of the Chief Engineer (SZ)], Chennai.
  • MAS Linea Leather Accessories, Mahindra City, Chengalpet.

  • 'S' Pictures, Chennai.
  • IP Rings Ltd., Chennai.
  • New Booklands, Chennai.
  • ESAB India Ltd., Chennai.
  • Beacon Weir Ltd., Chennai.
  • Save the Children, Sweden.
  • ESPIEM Plastics Ltd., Chennai.
  • Ayngaran International, Chennai.

  • Lotus Labs Ltd., Chennai & Bangalore.
  • Deccan Trading Corporation, Bangalore.
  • Semler Research Center, Salem & Bangalore.

  • The Planters' Assn. of Tamilnadu, Coimbatore.
  • Chennai Container Terminal Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
  • ISKCON (Intl. Soc'y for Krishna Consciousness), Chennai.
  • Kards (Kairali Rural Development Society), Palakkad, Kerala.
  • Office of the Superintendent of Police, Special Branch, Chennai.
  • Office of the Principal Accountant General (AG's Office), Chennai.