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Natural transliteration scheme which helps you transliterate in an easy, intuitive and flexible manner. Click here for full details. y
Direct Tamil Input in ANY Windows application in Tscii - Snapshot and details y
Direct Unicode* Tamil Input in ANY Windows application - Snapshot and details
By the inherent power of Unicode and its effective application in various MS applications, the following powerful/useful actions are possible:
  • your recipients (using Win XP/2K/2k3/Vista) do not require any prior font installation at their end to read your Unicode Tamil docs, mails, chats etc.
  • you can do 'Direct Tamil Input' in Word, Excel, Access etc. including IE Webforms, Blogs, Google Search and kind, without setting any Tamil font to start with. Font will be automatically chosen and set.
  • you can have the names of Files/Folders in Tamil.
  • you can do Find & Replace in Tamil directly in MS-Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Notepad etc.
  • you can do Sorting in Tamil (arranging Tamil texts in ascending/descending order) in MS-Excel, MS-Word tables, MS-Access etc.
  • you can do Data Filtering in Tamil in MS-Excel.
  • you can Search in Tamil in google, yahoo!, msn etc. for e.g. click here
  • you can have your own personal blogs to opine your views in Tamil. for e.g. see mindpower
  • you can have online groups to share your thoughts in Tamil. for e.g. see azhagi
  • you can have your MP3 Songs list in Tamil in Windows Media Player etc.
In effect, Type in Tamil, Save in Tamil, Print in Tamil, Email in Tamil, Chat in Tamil, Blog in Tamil, Write in facebook in Tamil, Create databases in Tamil, Create presentations in Tamil and Build websites in Tamil - with ease.
Direct Hindi transliteration in any Unicode-aware application - Snapshots and all other details.
In effect, Type in Hindi, Save in Hindi, Print in Hindi, Publish in Hindi, Email in Hindi, Chat in Hindi, Blog in Hindi, Write in facebook in Hindi, Create databases in Hindi, Create presentations in Hindi and Create websites in Hindi. Typing (vide transliteration) in other Indian languages like Sanskrit, Marathi, Konkani, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, etc. is also possible in any unicode-aware application. For more details on this, please click here
Auto'Transliteration - Convert (transliterate) your existing English texts (in MS-Word docs, Excel docs, Text fles, Web pages etc.) into Tamil in quick time. No need to retype your Tanglish texts to generate the Tamil equivalent. Click here for snapshot and click here for more details. y
Reverse Transliteration - Convert Tamil to English - i.e. you can convert (transliterate) your existing Tamil texts back to English (i.e. Tanglish). No need to retype them in Tanglish. You can reverse transliterate only Tscii Tamil texts, as of now. So, if your existing text is in Unicode, it has to be converted to Tscii (using Azhagi's Font Converter tool) before effecting reverse transliteration. Click here for snapshot and click here for more details. y
Change keyboard layout from 'Phonetic' to 'Tamil Typewriter' or 'Tamilnet99' y
Always-on-top (on-screen) keymapping tables - both vertical & horizontal - (for beginners to see those tables and transliterate) y
Unicode Editor - Azhagi has a fast and easy in-built Unicode Editor. You can type/save/email your Unicode text from within this editor (OR) copy/paste the Unicode text generated to any other external application/window like Wordpad, Outlook Express, Blogs, Google/Yahoo Email Message windows etc. Unlimited undo is allowed and there are several other useful features. Click here for snapshot and full details. y
Unicode Fonts Lister In the Unicode editor of Azhagi, you can find a Unicode Fonts Lister (Tools->'Unicode Fonts Lister').
  • This tool easily identifies and classifies (according to major Indian languages) all the Unicode fonts in your system.
  • The information thus provided by this tool will be useful either for you or any other user in a variety of ways. For instances:
    • It can help you to identify Unicode fonts which until this time you were not aware that they are unicode fonts.
    • It can help you to delete Unicode fonts which you are not using regularly.
    • It can help you to determine whether you need to download more Unicode fonts for any particular language.
SAT Transliteration - A new mode of transliteration (termed SAT) was introduced in Azhagi in Aug 2009 (incl. an introductory internal transliteration dictionary# with around 100 words). SAT mode had the potential to do the following and a few more:
type 'Aditya' to get 'ஆதித்யா' !; no need to type 'aadhithyaa' !
type 'vanakkam' to get 'வணக்கம்'; no need to type 'vaNakkam' using 'shift+n' !
type 'doctor' to get 'டாக்டர்' (or even மருத்துவர் !, whichever the user finds right for his needs)

But, with the advent of similar user-friendly (and seemingly 'transliteration dictionary' based) IMEs from Microsoft and Google soon after, I did not venture to enhance the dictionary# further or to extend SAT to external applications.
Tscii to Unicode conversion of HTML texts and files (*.html, *.text, *.js)
Bulk conversion i.e. convert multiple (100s of) files at the same time, from Tscii to Unicode
Unicode to Tscii conversion of texts (html or javascripts or any plain text)
Dynamic Tamil Web Font (both Tscii and Unicode compliant), to create your own Tamil website. See a sample site here. Click here for more details on availing a dynamic font. y
Change English-to-Tamil keymappings of letters like 'z', 'nj', 'ng' etc. y
Popup Transliteration - Transliterate and display a line/portion/whole (max. 4000 chars) of the text of an external document you are currently viewing (say an Ms-Word document), in a separate pop-up window (in Tscii, as of now) y
--- The following features pertain to Azhagi's own in-built Tamil editor for Tscii ---
Dual Screen Transliteration - Snapshot and details. Click here to read about the immense usefulness of Dual Screen Transliteration. y
Single Screen Transliteration - Snapshot and details y
On-screen Keymappings display - vertical (always-on-top), horizontal (either contained or always-on-top) y
Email in Tamil. One-click instant button to send your emails thru Outlook Express etc. y
Create Tamil documents in universally readable RTF format y
Read your Tamil documents from MS-Word y
Print your Tamil documents from MS-Word y
Mixed Text typing (i.e. English and Tamil texts intermixed) y
Copy/Paste your Tamil text to any external application (MS-Word, Pagemaker etc.) y
Save your English and Tamil texts in two SEPARATE documents respectively and print/distribute/email them y
Text formatting and alignment. Option to set start-up font size, color etc. y
Use backquote character as mey-uyir separator y
Find your Tamil text by typing in English (rather tanglish) itself, during 'Dual Screen' Transliteration y
'Search & Replace' on both Tamil and English Text during 'Single Screen' Transliteration y
Word Count (on both Tamil and English texts) y
Show recent files accessed y
Choose a favorite folder to access/save your Azhagi files y
--- The above features pertain to Azhagi's own in-built Tamil editor for Tscii ---
Learner's keypad to teach/learn Tamil easily, along with pronunciation tips y
Type Tamil numerals y
Auto'Insertion - Insert user-defined Tamil texts/paragraphs (e.g. 'murugan thunai', 'dear thambi', bharathiar poems, couplets from thirukkural, addresses, etc.) in any Windows application, using hotkeys. The user-defined texts can be in Tscii only, as of now. y
Certain English words like 'dear', 'meals' etc. can be typed just as they are instead of having to type as 'diyar', 'meelS' etc. uto'Insertion - Insert user-defined Tamil texts/paragraphs (e.g. 'murugan thunai', 'dear thambi', bharathiar poems, couplets from thirukkural, addresses, etc.) in any Windows application, using hotkeys. The user-defined texts can be in Tscii only, as of now. y
Conversion of your plain Tamil Text (in Tscii) to TAB encoding y
Comprehensive, exhaustive Help documents y
(*) To get to know more details on Unicode and typing in Unicode, please visit azhagi.com/uniset.html.

# There are visitors who often reach azhagi.com searching for dictionaries (English to Tamil dictionary, Tamil to English Dictionary and similar dictionaries for other languages too - Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, etc.). Please note that links for free online dictionaries from Google, Wiktionary, etc. are available at indic.html/#dictionary (Link to indic.html page has been provided at the top of azhagi.com too with caption 'Indic Softwares')