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Azhagi has its own in-built Unicode Editor (see snapshot below), which can work in Win 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista/7. It's features will be explained in this document.

Note: To type in Unicode in Azhagi's in-built Unicode editor, you may not be required to enable Unicode FULLY. Azhagi's in-built Unicode editor may work in most Win98 systems too. Once you have generated Unicode Tamil text using Azhagi's in-built Unicode editor, you can copy/paste the Tamil text to any external application/window like Wordpad, Outlook Express, Blogs, Google/Yahoo Email Message windows etc. If the pasted text does not appear correctly in certain applications like MS-Word, Notepad etc., then Unicode might have to be enabled fully. To get to know more details on enabling Unicode, please visit azhagi.com/uniset.html. Please note that in Windows Vista (and above), Unicode gets automatically enabled FULLY, along with the OS installation.

If you are NOT overly habituated to typing in MS-Word, typing/editing with Azhagi's Unicode editor offers you the greatest ease and flexibility for Unicode Tamil Input, as Azhagi's 'Extended Editing' and 'Extended Mode' are available (as in the case of the main Dual/Single Tscii editor). To know more about 'Extened Editing' and 'Extended Mode', after starting Azhagi application, click on 'Help->Contents' and in the help topics that open, navigate to 'User Manual->Tray Items Explained'. Under it, you will find explanation for these extended features.

How to start the Unicode Editor?
  • Start Azhagi.
  • Click on 'Tools' menu and then click on 'Azhagi's Unicode Editor'. Alternatively, you can press 'F8' hotkey (OR) click on the button captioned 'Unicode Editor'.
  • Azhagi's Unicode Editor will get displayed.
  • Start typing in English and you will see it appearing in Unicode Tamil.
  • You can use F10 (or F9) as a toggle to type in Tamil and English alternatively.

    Note for Win98 users:
    Using this editor, you can seamlessly type in Unicode and use the generated Unicode text in whichever way suitable for you. If you are unable to type in Unicode using this editor and you see only squares or question marks, please click 'Help->Unicode Help' (after starting Azhagi application) and read the contents therein patiently. Basically, you should have atleast one Unicode font (say 'Latha') in your Win98 system and your 'USP10.dll' file should be compatible with your Win98 system.

    The Unicode editor has following features:
    Final Note: