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 Azhagi - A Cup of Joy 
Ever since its inception in year 2000, Azhagi has helped 1000s across the world to transliterate in Tamil and develop various useful documents, scripts, articles, etc. for their company, society, institution, temple, etc. Azhagi's natural and intuitive transliteration scheme has captured the hearts of many a 1000. Apart from aiding direct Tamil input in ALL windows applications, Azhagi has many other powerful and innovative features - like Auto transliteration, Reverse transliteration, DualScreen transliteration, etc. which also have helped the Tamil diaspora in very many different ways. A look at the user testimonials and media reviews for Azhagi will help you understand all the abovesaid. You may also have a look at Azhagi's users' list.

 Terms of Use 
Azhagi is 100% FREE. You are "Free" to use Azhagi as long as you wish.

 How you can help in return for using Azhagi for FREE 
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 Azhagi - Features 
Please click here and see the complete set of Azhagi's versatile features, in a concise tabularized form. For more elaborate explanations of the features, you may visit azhagi.com/feats.html. The same can be read in Tamil here.

 Azhagi - Free Download 
    Please visit azhagi's home to download Azhagi for free.

     Location and Contacts 
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     Azhagi's Online Forums 
    Join (for free, ofcourse) Azhagi's support forums online. Click here to read details on Azhagi's forums and how to join them.

    By joining Azhagi's groups, you will get to know answers to ALL your frequently asked questions on how to Email, Chat, Blog, Document, Print, Publish and Create Tamil websites using Azhagi. You will get up-to-date news on software upgrades, offers, Unicode, Tamil computing, Indian languages computing (Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, ...) etc.
  • Enabling Unicode
    If Tamil characters do not appear properly in Unicode blogs/sites, it means you have not yet enabled Unicode fully in your system. To get the know-how, click here

  • Why Unicode?
    • Unicode is sheer power
    • Recipients (using Win XP/2K/2k3/Vista) do not require any prior font installation at their end to read your Tamil docs, mails, chats etc. sent in UNICODE.
    • You can search in Tamil in google, yahoo!, msn etc. for e.g. click here
    • You can have your own personal blogs to opine your views in Tamil. for e.g. see mindpower
    • You can have online groups to share your thoughts in Tamil. for e.g. see azhagi

  • Powerful benefits in enabling Unicode
    • Files and Folder names in Tamil.
    • Data Filtering in Tamil in Excel.
    • Sorting in Tamil in Excel, Access, Word, etc.
    • Find & Replace in Tamil in Word, Excel, Notepad, etc.
    • MP3 Songs list in Tamil in Windows Media Player, etc.
  • Dynamic Tamil Web Fonts
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  • What users say on Azhagi?
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  • Azhagi's Users
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  • Media Reviews
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  • Societal Support
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 Azhagi's Transliteration Scheme 
The following tables help you understand the fundamental transliteration scheme (English to Tamil Key Mappings) of Azhagi. Detailed tables explaining modifications / flexibilities of these mappings are available in Azhagi's in-built help documents, which you can get to read online too by clicking any one of the 2 images below and following instructions therein. Please do get to understand all the flexibilities and use Azhagi at her easiest best.


The following screen snapshots show you how you can use Azhagi to type out Tamil texts so easily and flexibly, with the key-mappings changing intelligently (i.e. not being rigid or one-to-one) at certain instances. Clicking on these snapshots will take you to a page explaining this unique userfriendliness of Azhagi. To visit this page straightaway, click here . Please do get to understand all the flexibilities and use Azhagi at her easiest best.