1. Ensure that 'Unicode input' is kept ticked under 'Preferences' menu of Azhagi.
  2. Open MS-Word or MS-Powerpoint.
  3. Select/set font to Tscu_Comic.
    Note: If you do not find Tscu_Comic font in the 'fonts' list, you can quickly download it from one of the following links: Link1, Link2 [To extract files from '.tgz' archives, use Winzip or 7zip application], Link3, Link4/Link5 [To extract files from '.deb' archives, use 7zip application]
  4. Press 'F10' and start transliterating in Unicode Tamil. That is all to it. [If you are using a LAPTOP, please read this help tip]
    Note: If you have the fonts Tscu_Paranar or Tscu_Veeravel or aAvarangal, then you can use them too, in much the same way as explained above for Tscu_Comic.
Important Note:
If you are sharing the Unicode Tamil MS-Word documents your create using any of the above Unicode fonts, then kindly be informed that in most cases, the documents will be readable in Tamil at the recipients' end only if they also have the corresponding font installed in their system. However, you can always copy/paste the Unicode text in any of the above fonts from your MS-Word document to Gmail's (or any other email client's) message area and send it to your recipients. Recipients who don't have the corresponding font in their system will be still able to read your message in Tamil, as the message will be displayed using the default 'Latha' Unicode font in the recipient's system.