·      There are certain special tools in Azhagi, which can come handy at many a times. You can always avail these tools by looking in 'Tools->Power Tools' menu of Azhagi.

·      I have touched upon 3 of these tools in the topics to follow. By clicking the 'Next' icon above or by clicking the links below, you can read them one after the other.
·      Auto-Transliteration
·      Reverse Transliteration
·      Pause/Resume Transliteration

·      Further, you have a few other useful tools too: SAT transliteration (please see, Popup Transliteration (please see 'Popup Display in Tamil' section in Tools topic), Tutor's or Learner's Tamil Keypad, Word Count (please see 'Tools->Power Tools->Word Count' menu item in Azhagi's Non-Unicode Editor window), etc.

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