This is the 'Dual Screen' (Transparent) mode of Transliteration in Azhagi. The top text area is the 'English Text Area' where user types his English text. The bottom text area is the 'Tamil Text Area' where the equivalent Tamil text appears, synchronously-instantaneously-automatically. So, the English text you type is always visible (transparent) to you and available for saving, editing, copying etc.

Note 1:
It is very well possible to generate Tamil text in 'Single Screen' (NonTransparent) mode too, wherein you type your English text in a full-screen text area and the corresponding Tamil text alone gets generated instantaneously. In this mode, the English text you type will 'not be visible' (non-transparent) and you can type your English letters using any keyboard layout - Phonetic or Tamil Typewriter or TamilNet99.

Note 2:
It is possible to directly transliterate in Tamil in ANY windows application like MS-Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Yahoo Messenger, Hotmail etc. etc. For instance, start Azhagi fully, open any other application (say MS-Word), press 'F10', type in English and see it in Tamil. As simple as that. See Sample snapshots here >> Snapshot - 1, Snapshot - 2.

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