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1. Typing in Tamil (Unicode) in MS Word, using Azhagi+

The above is 'Direct Tamil Input' in MS-Word (in Unicode, with display in 'Latha' Unicode font). Not only in MS Word, one can do this Tamil transliteration and Tamil typing in ANY windows application like MS-Powerpoint, MS-Excel, MS-Access, Outlook Express, Wordpad, Notepad, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, etc., etc. Visit dtword.php for step-by-step (just 5 simple steps only) instructions on how to type directly in MS-Word and ALL other Windows applications, in the easiest and fastest manner, in Tamil (Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, Sourashtra, Grantha, etc., etc.)

2. Typing in Tamil (non-unicode) in MS-Word, using 'Classic Azhagi'

The above is 'Direct Tamil Input' in MS-Word (in non-unicode, using the Tscii font 'SaiIndira'). Not only in MS Word, one can do this Tamil transliteration or Tamil typing in other Windows applications like MS-Excel, MS-Access, etc. For instance, start Azhagi fully, ensure that 'Unicode Input' under 'Preferences' menu of Azhagi is un-ticked (i.e. REMOVE the tick, if present), open any other application (say MS-Word), set that application's font to SaiIndira (as circled and shown in the screenshot above) or any other TSCII encoded font (any font in your system whose name starts with 'TSC' or 'Tsc'), press 'F10', type in English and see it in Tamil. As simple as that.
Important Note: If you are using a LAPTOP and F10 seems not working, read this help tip.

3. What you find below is another snapshot showing input in Unicode Tamil in MS-Word. It also explains the power of Unicode in effecting Tamil Sorting, Tamil Find/Replace, etc.