Jana - His Routine

Jana is an inspirer beyond words. He never seeks sympathy from anybody. I have never seen him lament about ANYTHING. He is confident and bold always.

He can play carroms with ease, play the keyboard with deftness (you will be too astonished if you see him play music in the keyboard), play football and what not. He is just something special. I can keep on writing about him.

Well, this page is here with photos of his routine only for 'you' to realise how vastly different the day of a physically challenged person is, when compared to that of an able-bodied person. Normally, we never think of the difficulties of physically challenged people, we just sympathise with them for their physical disability. Thats all. Look at the pains Jana's parents have to take, imagine the various other difficulties Jana would be facing, apart from the routine activities shown here below. In fact, you should click here to read a short list of the difficulties faced by physically challenged people, drafted by Ms. Amutha Shanthy, a physically challenged woman herself and who has dedicated her life for other physically challenged women.

If time permits, one can just sit relaxedly and think about these difficulties and try helping a physically challenged person by providing him/her an opportunity to excel. As Ms. Amutha Shanthy aptly says: "The only handicap (for anybody) is to depend on others. For physically challenged we dont want any compassion or consolation. We want opportunity to express our talents and earn our livelihood. If the opportunity is given, we will prove our ability."

- B. Viswanathan (Founder, www.azhagi.com), noblehearted@gmail.com

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