Jana - An Inspiration

Ever since (Dec 2003) I saw Jana, he has remained a tremendous inspiration for me. I have NEVER ever seen him lament. NEVER. Not even once. Within a few days of seeing Jana itself, by God's grace, I happened to get his site ready. His father was/is proud to have the site name (jana.azhagi.com) printed in Jana's visiting cards ever since. :)

Well, for Jana, life has changed since the early days of 2003. Phone calls and letters have become a routine to him. Not many days pass without a phone call or letter from somebody in some near or distant place. Once an young man phoned to tell that he was about to commit suicide but changed his mind immediately after reading Jana's story from this website.

One girl wrote to Jana after reading his story in a magazine : "All these years I looked upon to President Kalamji whenever I was in despair. But hereafter there is no need either for despair or for Kalamji because you are there JANA."

Jana's father has shared and continues to share (over phone or in person) so many events in Jana's life and the inspiration he gives to people (from children to aged ones), at various levels, in various forms. Jana's inspiration travels beyond boundaries. If ever you have the interest/time to talk to Jana's father, you will get to know a lot more on where all his inspiration reaches. Let Jana live long, in his inspiring role.

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