Anthony - How I came to know him?

How I came to know Anthony?

On 13th Nov 2007, a phone call came at around 10pm. An young man's soft voice enquired about 'Azhagi' software. After getting to learn certain details, he expressed his wish to buy the 'paid' version of Azhagi, having tried out the 'free' version earlier (In Nov 2007, 'Azhagi' had both free and paid versions unlike it's present status of being 'totally' free). I told him the usual thing, explaining the various payment modes like credit card, netbanking, cheque, cash etc. He told he will pay thru cash and I told him that he can come to my office any day and do the same. He told hesitatingly that it's somewhat not possible for him to come. Presuming that probably he has some busy schedules daily, I told him that any of his friends can come and pay it too. Thereafter, he informed me that not many friends are there who can come over to a relatively distant place like T.Nagar (Anthony is in Red Hills) soon. I told Anthony - "Well then, you yourself can come, whenever you find time". For that, Anthony replied that it's quite not possible for him to come in person.

I became somewhat curious and asked him - "What's the reason?" and he told that he has a physical problem. He did not elaborate it at that time but told me that he is paralysed below his chest (Read Anthony's full story here). I recovered quickly enough, from the sudden sadness which spread through my nerves, and at once told him that Azhagi is free for him. But, Anthony firmly refused the offer and affirmed that he will pay the full amount and buy it. Thereafter, I had to persuade him to accept my offer (which I had always done in the past, to more than a hundred, who were genuinely needy people, in one or other way). Anthony was immensely happy about this whereas I felt very happy too about his firm resolve initially not to accept the software for free, which even able-bodied persons bargain for, sometimes.

As Anthony's state touched my heart deeply, I kept talking to him almost daily for nearly 10 days but I did not know what to do other than praying for him, as myself am a person who rarely moves out of my home. So, I decided to tell about Anthony (on Nov 27, 2007) to one of my kind'hearted friends (and Tamil poet) - Suresh. Suresh has done so many things for Anthony, since then. I don't think I can ever find words to describe the kind of aids/solace Suresh has offered and is offering Anthony. And, through Suresh, many other hearts (Mr.Bala, Ms.Aruna, Ms.Madhumitha, Mr.Cheena, Mr.Prabhu, Mr.VKT Balan, ..., ...) have come to know Anthony and they have given their support/aid in various ways to Anthony. I am immensely thankful to all of them. You can see the kind of support Anthony has been receiving from all the noble hearts around the world here. You can also visit Anthony's blog at to know how much Anthony feels in gratitude towards all those helping hearts. Thanks to all these hearts, Anthony is totally delighted now to see his life to have suddenly become immensely brighter than it was earlier to Nov 13 2007. Praise the Lord Almighty!

-- Humbly Ever, B. Viswanathan (Founder,

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