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Divine quotes

"I have told this many times that you yourself are God. Your inner voice also teaches this truth through the sound of Soham (That I am). Your inner voice keeps reminding you of your divine reality but you do not pay attention to it at all. You follow what others tell you but do not believe yourself. In whom else can you have faith, when you do not have faith in yourself? Therefore, first of all you should develop self-confidence. Then only you can have self-satisfaction which will lead you to the path of self-sacrifice and ultimately to self-realisation." - Baba

"எதையும் தெளிவாகக் கற்றுக்கொள்ளுங்கள். அதை அனுபவித்து மகிழுங்கள். மகிழ்ச்சியாக இருங்கள். நீங்கள் கடவுள் மீது கூட நம்பிக்கை வைக்க வேண்டாம். உங்களிடம் நம்பிக்கை வைத்தால் போதும். ஏனெனில், நீங்களும் ஒரு தெய்வம்தான்." - அன்பு பாபா

English translation (by my father) of the above quote (in Tamil):
"Learn anything wholly. Experience peace from it. Be at peace always. You need not even believe God. If you have belief in yourself, that is enough. Because, you too are God." - Baba

Devotion to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba

Om Sairam....... I am V. Vrishin Vigneshwar, studying in 6th standard (as of July 2011) of P.S Senior Secondary School, Chennai. My father's name is Mr. B. Viswanathan and my mother's name is Mrs. Meera Viswanathan. Both of them are great devotees of Baba. Baba is my beloved God and I always pray to him but how did I come to know of Baba? How did I get into his devotion? It is a very special story to be told. Many small miracles related to Baba happened during my young age and they continue even now. For instance, when I was running 3 years, my mother tried in various schools for my admission, but I never got admission in any school. Finally, my mother tried in P.S. Senior Secondary School and I got admission there very easily. And, P.S. Senior Secondary School happened to be very near Shirdi Baba temple in Mylapore. Hence, I think my devotion in Baba naturally developed. I feel I should have been a devotee of Baba during my last janma also since my devotion in Baba developed naturally.

Devotion to Sri Sathya Sai Baba

When I was young, I never used to like Sri Sathya Sai Baba but I used to hear about the sevas of Baba. Then, days passed and I erased the dislike of Sri Sathya Sai Baba from my mind. And, one fine day, I saw my father watching a video during November 2010. I closely looked at it and found that it was a video of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I told my father that I too wanted to watch the video. My father agreed and told me that the video is all about Sri Sathya Sai Baba which consists of 30 sets* which lasts 25 minutes each. I thought to myself that it would be a good opportunity to get to know more about Baba and hence started to see the videos from the first. If I am right, the first 5 videos tell about Baba's teachings and sayings and the next 5 videos tell how Baba was born and was living as a small boy, the other 20 videos is all about Baba and his sevas (100% free education, 100% free health care, etc., etc., etc.) - in very many countries of the world. After seeing them, my bad habits and thoughts were 75% erased and I realised how I should learn to listen to my Athma. This incident took my devotion towards Sri Sathya Sai Baba to a very high range and thus I became a very good devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba as well as Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.

(*) You can also watch these 30 videos, if you wish to, particularly the videos which cover the enormous FREE service carried out by Sai seva organisations in various parts of the world. Visit the webpage to watch these videos. Please note that there are 2 videos at the top of the aforesaid webpage. The 30 videos I am referring to start only after these 2 videos at the top. So, after the abovementioned webpage opens, kindly scroll down a bit to see the start of the section listing the 30 videos. This section will be titled "Message of the Lord (A 30 episode video serial)".

The thought of creating a site for Baba

Sai Ram............ My main goal in life was to see Baba and then talk to Him and then be always with Him. But, even seeing him did not materialize. I asked my mother to take me to Puttapparthi during December 2010. She told "I will try my best to take you to Puttaparthi during your holidays" but then Baba fell ill during 28th March 2011 and his condition became worse during April 2011. The end (Baba's Maha Samadhi) came at 7.40am, 24th of April 2011. Devotees from all over the world came to Putapparthi to have Baba's last darshan. I felt strongly that Baba would somehow make me see Him during his 3rd avatar. On the day of Baba's MahaSamadhi, I decided to make my own site for him and spread his message of love and service - as much as I can, to as many as I can. This is how a strong idea of creating a site for Baba arose in me.

A miracle etched in my mind

In Jan 2010 (when I was just a small boy of 9 years), I fell ill very severely with viral fever, high temperature, frequent dysentery and vomiting. I got dehydrated and was admitted in Sooriya Hospital, Chennai. During this period, my mother promised that she will give Annadhanam in Shirdi Baba temple but after I recovered she totally forgot about it. Days passed and one fine day (March 2010, I think), we decided to go to W.Mambalam Baba temple. As I was praying in the Baba temple, without my notice, I was keeping my finger in the edge of an iron door by the side of the altar and when the priest near the altar opened it, my finger got smashed in the edge of the door and soon it turned into a sort of bluish color. I started to cry and told my parents that willingly only I came to Baba Temple and then why did Baba do this. Thereafter I said in anger that hereafter I will never come to any Baba Temple. Hearing this, my parents told "Please don't say such a thing. Baba would not have done anything harming his devotees. So, please don't say anything bad in temper". I still didn't get convinced. I was in anger but didn't open my mouth. Suddenly my mother got to remember that she had promised to give Annadhanam in the Baba temple. So, she ran towards the office room and gave money for Annadhanam (to be given after a few days). Thereafter, my parents were convincing me throughout the time but I still didn't stop crying because it was extremely painful. Even touching it slightly caused pain.

Quickly we finished our prayers and stepped out of the temple to go home and put ointment for my finger but then, suddenly an old man appeared by our side. Mother gave him 10 rupees immediately. But, he saw me crying and asked me,"What happened? why are you crying? I mainly came to enquire about this.". I replied and said the whole story. Then the old man said, "Do not worry at all. It is easy curing this. Just give me tulsi leaf and I will cure it.". We searched for tulsi and got a small bunch from a flower-vendor in front of the temple and then gave it to him. He kept the Tulsi leaf in his palm and smashed it well till it took form like a juice and he spread that juice throughout my swollen finger and told that he will now massage it in a way he knows. My parents were somewhat hesitant. If it was a fracture or something like that, massage will make it worse, they thought. I was also afraid. He asked us not to worry at all and massaged for 5 to 10 seconds. He asked me now whether it is still paining and then the miracle happened. The pain was gone; totally gone. Instantly. It happened just like that. I then replied to him in great joy that the pain was totally gone and then he said that the Tulsi leaf is useful for many things; it has many powers and also said that he does the same when his grandson or grand-daughter get hurt. My mother, father and I thanked him so much. My father asked him 'where do you live' and he replied 'I live here. just here'. We then again thanked him and left to our home. While on the way in our car my father again and again asked whether it is paining or not and all the time I replied 'no. it is not at all paining'. He was greatly surprised becos the finger turned bluish and I was crying in pain like anything. But, after tulsi juice and massage by the old man, all the pain vanished just like that, in a second.

I think it was really Baba who had come in the form of an old man and cured my finger. I then realized that I should have not told that I will never go to any Baba temple. The next day morning we again went to Baba temple and saw the old man there and thanked him again. But, ever after that day we never saw him there even though we went there so many times. SAIRAM.............

My goal

As of now (May 2013), I have an ardent desire to find a cure for Cancer, which disease is causing enormous sufferings to people all over the world. My ultimate goal is Self-realisation.

"Do all the good you can
By all the means you can
In all the ways you can
In all the places you can
At all the times you can
To all the people you can
As long as ever you can"
- John Wesley

"You are neither body nor mind. You are the birthless, deathless, limitless SELF. To realise that, the enquiry 'Who am I?' is the principal means." - Sri Ramana Maharishi

"Either: Surrender to God 'unreservedly' - Leave everything entirely to Him. His is the burden; you have no longer any cares. He knows what is best and when and how to do it. Or: Investigate resolutely into the cause of misery, Enquire to whom all questions arise, Dive deep inside the Heart, Go into the very source and Merge in the Self. These are the only two ways for Self-Realisation." - Sri Ramana Maharishi

Love all Serve all Help ever Hurt never

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