The need for 'regularly' spreading the news of Azhagi apps and all their features

If you read the above, you will understand how the user 'narumpon malar' was not knowing a UNIQUE (never-before-seen) feature present in the 'Tamil Fonts Converter' of Azhagi+ even while already using the 'Tamil Fonts Converter' itself and even while VERY MUCH IN NEED of that unique feature.

If this is the case of somebody already using Azhagi+, then, kindly think of those who are not even using Azhagi+ and those who are not even aware of Azhagi+. How will they get to know the presence of unique features (like above) in Azhagi+, even when they are very much in need of them. They just assume that such a unique feature is not available in any software.

That's why I am pleading users to keep on spreading the news of Azhagi+ "REGULARLY".

Thats why in, I have written as follows:
I humbly feel that, your situation/health permitting, you all can opt to do much much more, on a REGULAR basis, especially if you are a long-time user of Azhagi. That's what I truly and humbly feel.

The thing is that if users keep on spreading the news of Azhagi apps and their features (particularly their special/unique features) "regularly", then I can keep on concentrating on enhancing Azhagi apps but then that is NOT happening from the users' end. Hence, I have to spend a lot of time in spreading the news of Azhagi apps and their features as well. By the by, here is a subset of quora questions on Indic computing (only Tamil and Hindi I have covered so far) - quora-questions-to-answer-on-indic-computing.html. There are many questions in the aforesaid list which are yet to be answered OR answers have been given but Azhagi is not yet mentioned in the answers.