How to type in Indian languages?

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How to type in Indian languages in any application?

Note: Please DO NOT close the Azhagi+ application at this point. You can minimise or hide it to the tray, but do not close it.        

Important tips

  1. The full list of "English to Indian languages" key mappings are in-built into Azhagi+.
  2. You can change the hotkey for any LFK at any time to the one which is convenient for you.
  3. Please read this if pressing an hotkey (say 'Alt+3') does not give you the desired results while typing.
  4. Kindly be aware that Alt+3, Ctrl+1, etc. are all toggles. For e.g. if you press Ctrl+1 once, you can start typing in Hindi. If you press Ctrl+1 again, you can start typing in English. Same is the case with ALL hotkeys (incl. the global hotkey - e.g. F10).
  5. If (and only if) you are using WinXP and if you are not able to type in Indian languages in MS-Word, MS-Powerpoint, etc., please ensure that you have installed Azhagi+ using "AzhagiPlus-Setup.exe". i.e. you should not use the portable version ( of Azhagi+.
  6. If you wish to type in TamilNet99, you have to press the appropriate hotkey. The default hotkey for 'Tamil+Unicode+Tamilnet99' is Alt+Shift+3.

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