Tims' Greatness


If there is one quality of Tims which I would go any distance to talk about, to any number of people, it is this. I have seen enough of this world and know how MONEY rules - in almost every walk of life. As such, it is a well-known fact and all know it. So, when it comes to part with money (or a dear possession) to help others (or to make them happy), generally the mind thinks once, then twice, thrice, ..., .... and sometimes even 1000 times. At times, the mind thinks indefinitely and thats the end of it. The money (or the possession) never parts for a good cause. :) But, with my Tims, I have wondered many a times whether he thought even once in certain cases. His help/bestowal was instantaneous. When it comes to monetary help from Tims, I am not talking here about just a few 1000s, it is not even 10000s, but lakhs (that too in the 90s). It is AMAZING! In my life, I HAVE NEVER SEEN anybody to equal his kind of magnanimity. NEVER. He was not overly rich, mind you. And, even during his early days, even when his salary was very less, he was extremely liberal and generous in bestowing gifts. He always gave to the best extent possible. What I mean is that normally any other person in his position (considering that moment's financial condition and future savings plans) would be choosing the safest option (at times of deciding to contribute to others) whereas Tims would strive to choose the best option, even if it amounted to a possible risky financial position in the near future. And, it is not just the family* to which he extended his remarkable generosity. He covered a wide horizon. Many a times, he did not even tell about his contributions to any. But for the monetary help he rendered many, he could have easily built 2 or 3 bungalows in Chennai. This quality in him was/is quite unmatchable, amongst people whom I have come across. We know how highly the Gods looked upon "Karna", just for his one character - of being philanthropic. I am sure the Gods look upon Tims too the same way.

(*) Actually, his family was very large. We all know that it included not just his immediate near/dear but all of us - including me, my brother, my doctor sister and so on and so on. One fond remembrance thinking of my engineering college days (REC 1985-89) - Well, during my days, only a few (may be just 5 or 6 of the total 1000 hostel inmates) had a music system with them. And, even those few were mostly from other countries. And, there I was, one amongst them, with a music system - courtesy the 'ever great' Tims. And, mind you, every year I will bring back the music system to Tims with some fault or other in it and Tims would readily ask me to take the new one which he would have bought only a few months back. Well, this is only just one instance. Otherwise, the instances are very many. Well, each and every one of my family is well aware of such instances (for some, it may not be very many, as in my case) in their hearts and if each one just sits back and runs through those immensely helpful instances once, just once, that itself would be a great tribute to Tims, I am sure. And I am very sure, my dear dear dear TIMS, that all are doing it - not once, but countless times, in their life. They definitely remain indebted to do it.

He has a great sense for appreciating good work and beauty. Sometimes, he would seem a bit carried away but I, for one, do not mind anybody being like that when it comes to appreciating genuine cases. Because, if there is one very very simple thing which can give immense JOY to anybody in this world, it is honest appreciation. Even a small pat on the back would do a world of good to many. But, surprisingly, this quality (honest appreciation) is generally lacking in a majority of people I have seen. Personally, on self-introspection, I find that the perfection of this quality can hasten to help one clean one's mind of the other unpleasant qualities like selfishness, anger, envy, etc.

He is a great man to have around if one needs inspiration. It may be a moment before you are to attend an interview OR it may be a moment before presenting a new idea/product to an audience OR it may be a moment of anguish and pain. He can lift you up with his loving words, positive anecdotes and what not (incl. whatever help he can do by action and money)

Oh............... Athims is immense fun to have around. Whenever we were at our sister's home (for a period of time, it used to be such a small home in bangalore and I wonder how on the earth my Tims and Akka appeared always cheerful and accomodative to have us all around in that miniscule of a home), how we - myself, reva akka and anna - used to eagerly await his return from a societal trip. We will be counting "3 days to go, one day to go, 12 hours to go, ...". The moment he arrived, it was all fun. Just pure fun.

Loving & Caring
Should I mention this or what. Countless, countless, countless moments of Love&Care Tims has provided all of us. They all remain cherished and relished, for ever.

A Final Note
If ever any outsider reads this page, he might feel that I have written so above about my Tims because he is after all my near and dear. But, if only he/she can visit push.coffeecup.com and download/read the PDF (at least from the end of page 11 to page 12) provided at the end of that website, he/she will understand that in fact I have written less about my Tims above. For your convenience, I give the links to the PDF herebelow itself:
A house in Zambia - View or Download (5mb)

And since this is a fast fast world moving ahead at a breakneck speed, I provide below a small "extract" from that PDF.
Push and Uma
After Mike, came Push with his lovely family in 1988. Push stood out as the most generous Rep we ever had. We used to look forward to his home leave or out of country visits, because he would always bring lots of presents indiscriminately (regardless of the level of friendship) for each one of us; clothes, makeup, chocolates and other goodies. Remember, this was still during Zambia's long phase of shortages of essential and even non-essential commodities. One had to have forex to taste an apple or such categorized luxuries! ... .. . ... .. . ... .. . ... .. .
The above is only a small extract. Those interested can download and read the whole PDF.