"Do all the good you can, By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can, In all the places you can,
At all the times you can, To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can" - John Wesley

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A noble walk for a global cause...
A global walk for a noble cause...

Introductory Note

This is my PERSONAL site for my Tims, my own dear dear dear Tims. So, there is nothing formal here, though some areas may seem so. My opinions/views on/about him are more of a personal reflection on him - the way "I" see him. It may NOT be the way any other entity sees him. And, you will see that I am plain neutral, not extolling him but truly appreciating the highly evolved humane qualities in him.


In case you happen to be one of those outside my family circle reading through this site, you may get to wonder who I am and what the word 'Tims' means. I am B.Viswanathan, residing in India. I call my dear brother-in-law, my ever-loving elder sister Mrs B Umamaheswari's husband, Mr. Pushpanath Krishnamurthy (popularly known as 'Push' to his colleagues and kind) as 'Athimber' - a relationship term in our local language. 'Athimber' has many affectionate variations as 'Athims', 'Ber', 'Thims' and 'Tims'. And, there you are! :) Of the various variations, 'Tims' is what my 'Athimber' himself likes the most. So, this 'personal' site is all for MY 'Tims'. :)

What prompted me to do this?

Only a few days to go (today is 7-Nov-2010, as I launch this site for my Tims). Come 'Nov 16 2010' and Tims would be starting on his noble walk for a global cause which would be a global walk for a noble cause. Yes, kindly just roll back one year and that would be it.

Read below what Tims had to say a few days after his noble walk (source - here):
"The loneliness, the fear, the stress, the pain and uncertainty I faced all along the 270 odd miles were nothing compared to the pain and sufferings of those women in Africa, Asia and in the small islands. I overcame them because of the resilience of these women, and because of the overwhelming faith and trust that you all shared in me."

That tells you so much about what a global walk is all about. It is NOT easy, particularly at the age in which Tims did it. A casual outsider may see only things superficially but he may not realise the impediments (big or small) one has to face during a walk of this nature which Tims has put together succinctly and poignantly: "Loneliness, fear, stress, pain and uncertainty". And, it also tells how MUCH people suffer (especially women) in certain parts of the world and how MUCH he has seen it all, year after year after year after year after year .... .... ... , for nearly 3 decades.

As a family member (as well as a member of this universe), I felt there is a need in me (on behalf of all of us, as such) to recognise:
a) this (as abovementioned) untiring (mostly unnoticed) work by him for the cause of the poor/needy across various parts of the world.
b) his contribution to our family itself, notwithstanding all that he does to various other brothers/sisters around the world.

Hence, this site - to show my (you can replace this with 'our' wherever you see it in this site, in appropriate cases) gratitude in FULL to my Tims and thank God sincerely to have given us an opportunity to see him as part of our family (which you all know is 'Unique and Special' - as unique and special as India itself - Unity in Diversity).

Reception for Tims on arrival at Oxfam House, after his noble global walk

Tribute to Tims

Is one of your friends saying "I don't believe in all these climate change theories. Even if it is true, I am least bothered."? Well, so be it. Tastes of people differ. As individuals, are we bothered about every other pressing societal issue? No. It is not possible too. So, fair enough.

Is that one of your friends is saying "Well, people have done far greater things than Mr.Push for the cause of the society"? Cool. But still, whatever GOOD Mr.Push did (however small or insignificant it may seem to some), 100000000 others did not do it. Right? And, if anyone finds it all ostentatious, I can only quote Lord Buddha:

"There never was, there never will be, nor is there now, a person who is wholly blamed or wholly praised"

And, in any case [even if you are not a fan of Lord Buddha :)], Mr. Pushpanath Krishnamurthy is one of our family (the Unique & Special one) and WE KNOW HIM and his greatness since years...... Hence, let us keep paying our tribute to him, to the extent possible to each one of us. If not we and if not we first, who else?

Let us salute and wish Tims loads and loads of supreme health to do many more things to better the society.

I, personally, wish Tims loads of Atmic peace! Amen! Amin! Om! Shanthi Om!