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Azhagi's Malayalam transliteration scheme (Key mappings)

Azhagi's Malayalam Transliteration Scheme - Classic Style
Malayalam script can be typed (i.e. transliterated) using Azhagi, following the English to Malayalam transliteration scheme/rules (i.e. English-to-Malayalam letter/character/key mappings) given below.

Font requirement
If the characters in this page are not visible in Malayalam, then it means you do not have even one suitable Unicode Malayalam font in your system. To download and install atleast one FREE Unicode Malayalam font, kindly visit this page or see azhagi.com's unicodeff.html for links to many such pages.

x, X and ` [character under '~' in English keyboards] are used as modifiers and/or splitters

Chillu forms
ന്‍ = nx, ണ്‍ = Nx, ര്‍ = rx, ല്‍ = lx, ള്‍ = Lx, ൿ = kx

= a, ആ = aa/A, ഇ = i, ഈ = ee/ii/I, ഉ = u, ഊ = oo/uu/U

എ = e, ഏ = ae/E, ഐ = ai, ഒ = o ഓ = oa/O, ഔ = au/ou/ow

അം = aM/amx, അഃ = aH, ഋ = rux

ൠ = Rux, ഌ = lux, ൡ = Lux

ക് + vowels
= ka, കാ = kaa/kA, കി = ki, കീ = kee/kii/kI, കു = ku, കൂ = koo/kuu/kU

കെ = ke, കേ = kae/kE, കൈ = kai, കൊ = ko, കോ = koa/kO, കൌ = kau/kou/kow

കം = kaM/kamx, കഃ = kaH, കൃ = krux

= ka, ഖ = Ka/kha, ഗ = ga, ഘ = Ga/gha, ങ = `ga

ച = ca/cha, ഛ = Ca/Cha, ജ = ja, ഝ = Ja/jha, ഞ = `ja

ട = Ta, ഠ = Tha, ഡ = Da, ഢ = Dha, ണ = Na

ത = ta, ഥ = tha, ദ = da, ധ = dha, ന = na

പ = pa, ഫ = Pa/pha, ബ = ba, ഭ = Ba/bha, മ = ma

യ = ya, ര = ra, ല = la, വ = va/wa

ശ = sha/Sa, ഷ = Sha, സ = sa, ഹ = ha

ള = La, ഴ = za/zha, റ = Ra, ക്ഷ = ksha/xa, ജ്ഞ = j`ja

  • Important note on "t, T, d, D, th, Th, dh, Dh"
    In Azhagi's Unicode Editor, if you click on 'Tools->Options' and select the 'modern' style ('classic' style is the default), then the mappings for "t, T, d, D, th, Th, dh, Dh" change (To view the key-mappings table for the same, please visit multi.html and click on 'modern style' link given under your chosen language). In Azhagi+, you can effect this same setting by clicking 'Tools->Options->Other Languages'.

  • Important note on 'ch'
    In Azhagi's Unicode Editor, if you click on 'Tools->Options' and tick the 'ch, Ch' checkbox, then 'ch' would also take the same mapping as that of 'c'.

  • Various other important options
    Click here. Herein, you can learn more on the above options too.

  • Conjuncts (Consonant Clusters)
    The consonant conjuncts get formed automatically as you keep typing your words. For e.g.
    അമ്മ = amma, സക്തി = sakti, ആര്യാ = aaryaa
    സ്രി = sri, ബ്രഹ്മാവു = brahmaavu, രാഷ്ട്രിയ = raaShTriya
    മല്ലി = malli, ദ്വനി = dvani, വഹ്നി = vahni, etc. etc.

    = 1x, ൨ = 2x, ൩ = 3x, ൪ = 4x, ൫ = 5x
    ൬ = 6x, ൭ = 7x, ൮ = 8x, ൯ = 9x, ൦ = 0x

    x, ` and X modifiers
    • x when applied after certain Malayalam letters modifies them. For e.g.
      kruxpaa = കൃപാ, Rux = ൠ, 1x = ൧ (numeral 1)
    • Whenever x does not take the role of a modifier, it just prints 'ക്ഷ്'. For e.g.
      laxman = ലക്ഷ്മന്

    • ` when applied before certain Malayalam consonants modifies them. For e.g.
      `g = ങ്, `j = ഞ്
    • ` when applied between certain Malayalam consonants (like k`h, g`h, t`h, d`h, etc.) helps them to form their natural conjuncts. For e.g.
      bakkiMghaam = ബക്കിംഘാമ് whereas bakkiMg`haam = ബക്കിംഗ്ഹാമ്

    • X can be applied between Malayalam consonants to avoid forming the natural conjunct (which would have occurred otherwise). For e.g.
      vatsalaa = വത്സലാ whereas vatXsalaa = വത്‍‌സലാ
    • X can also be applied between certain Malayalam vowels (say 'ai' or 'ou') to help them get separated into their component vowels. For e.g.
      priyaiMDiyaa = പ്രിയൈംഡിയാ whereas priyaXiMDiyaa = പ്രിയ‍ഇംഡിയാ

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