Jana - His Aspiration

I can't forget the moments when I first came to know about Jana (on Dec 6 2003) and later met him in person at my home on Dec 9 2003. I felt so painful and inconsolable. Amidst the great pain in my heart, I kept admiring the boy's tenacity and his parents' extreme struggles to bring him up, hiding all their sorrow within. The first day itself, I introduced Jana to 'paintbrush' application in my computer and I was astonished to see him learn with persistence, to draw 'K. Jana' on the screen with his half-cut left hand. It took him half an hour to move the mouse this way and that way to draw 'K.Jana'. So, you can imagine the extreme efforts he took to learn it. I was watching every bit of his effort.

The next time he came home (he is a regular visitor to my home nowadays), he drew a man in 15 mts and I could understand that he was progressing very fast. And, in the later visits, he drew many other fantastic pictures with his half-cut hand itself, which seemed nothing short of 'amazing'. Awesome indeed ! Now, you may see below some of the paintings he drew in many visits to my home. Remember that he has drawn these by moving the mouse, choosing menus, colors etc. etc. with his half-cut left hand itself. Look at the precision he has developed in such a short time !! I used to sit beside while he draws and see how painful he would feel sometimes, shaking and stretching his hand to relax. Where there is a will, there is a way. He might as well come good as a computer graphics designer (too) in the future !!! Who knows? Let us all wish Jana ALL THE BEST.

- B.Viswanathan (Founder, azhagi.com), dated 2003-04.

Jana in front of my home computer

Only a few paintings have been posted above as samples.

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