Words of Divine Music - Anthony

From 'Computers' 2 'Music Direction' 2 'Innovations'
2 'Quantum Physics' 2 'Extreme Philosophy' 2 .... ...

Yes, this man Anthony*, aged 37 (in 2010), is skilled in a variety of fields and he can talk in depth on even difficult subjects such as 'Quantum Physics'. He has studied only upto 5th standard though.

When I hear him talk on anything in his soft and quiet voice, it's all words of divine music to me. He is God's Pet Child indeed.

A voracious reader and a deep thinker, he has quite a few innovations to his credit. Well, he is all this, despite being ...... ...... Well, click here to get the inside story of this remarkable personality.

You will remain inspired....

(*) My soul-mate Anthony, a Genius I would say, and a wonderfully loving human-being, reached the Lotus feet of the Lord on Aug 23, 2010. He poured his love to many around the world. They all miss him dearly. Very dearly.

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